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Last week I was lucky enough to photograph Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market!  #DREAMJOB!!  The images taken that day will be used in an eight page spread of the Seattle Times (be on the lookout, let me know if you see it first!!) telling the story of the market from the inside.

Not many people know how the market works, like…. did you know that every single morning (since the BEGINNING of time) before the market opens, all of the vendors gather around and a bell is rung (sometimes by a celebrity) then using the seniority method, they choose the spot where they’ll set up for the day. NEAT! I had a good time chatting with the artists about this method, and their experience being there and they all had such great stories.  You should really take some time to go down there and chat people up, you won’t regret it and will definitely leave with some fun stories to share!! 

Throughout the day we walked through many parts of the market doing portrait of the business and shop owners as well as a few of the market performing artists and vendors.  We enjoyed the magazine stands, the atrium visiting a bird that meows, the neighborhood Sasquatch and enjoyed a little fruit filled cup of delicious yogurt.  We chatted with designers, photographed buildings, artists and some musicians – we heard stories of parents and grandparents traveling to America starting a new life and building successful businesses to pass down through generations.  The heritage here is much more than entertaining, it’s amazing!!

This first shot is one of my favorite angles of the market (I really have a lot of favorites here today, lookout!).  The skyline has changed a LOT over the last eighteen years  I’ve been here  enjoying it and it is fun to look back and compare, it’s even under construction right now!  A little then and now type of thing, I can’t wait to see what it looks like in 2037!
This view (below) is a little more well known, it’s been photographed millions of times over a hundred years and the only thing that seems to change is the fashion of clothes, cars and updated signs!  Love love love! 

Rachel the PIG!!!  Everyone loves having their photo with her, but did you know that she is a REAL piggy bank?? Yuuuup!  Born in 1986, she has saved over $200,000!  Way to go RACHEL!!
Fruit from the Seattle Pike Place Market on a sunny day, photography by Barbie Hull 2017

Seattle skyline with Waxie Moon by Anna-Lisa Notter

Look closely at this view above, you can see the mural of Waxie Moon on the side of the building – what an amazing performer!! If you haven’t seen him, you really should!!  The mural was commissioned by the Pink Door created by Anna-Lisa Notter, a very talented lady! 

Below is the arcade, the place where the market artists gather each morning, you can see the bell and the list they choose their locations from. It is an old and great way of doing things! Keeping tradition alive. Inside the Pike Place Market, artists choose their booth for the day. Barbie Hull Photography, 2017Pike Place Market artistsEllenos owner, Barbie Hull Photography, Frozen Yogurt, DELICIOUSSaffron Spice owner and operator Pike Place MarketBeautiful historical Pike Place Market details in Iconic Seattle WashingtonIconic Seattle's Pike Place Market, 2017 Barbie Hull Photography, Bright sunny winter daySeattle's Pike Place Market Corner Market, Pike Place MarketPerformer at Seattle's Pike Place Market, Barbie Hull PhotographyPike Place Market waterfront, under construction, Seattle Skyline, Barbie Hull PhotographyBarbie Hull Photography, Iconic Historical Market, Pike Place, Pike & Pine, 2017,

Pike Place Market has been one of my favorite places to visit and explore since the day I moved here in 1999!  Every time a friend visits town, or a client chooses to do a destination portrait with a tour of downtown – we either start or end here.  It’s an amazing place to shop, eat, drink, be inspired, get lost and the best part is no matter how many times you visit the market you’ll ALWAYS find something new. A new floor downstairs and around the corner (seriously, so many floors!).  No, wait!  The BEST part is how beautiful and photogenic and perfectly imperfect!!  There are millions of smells, items and food and people from all over the world and don’t forget the street performers!

The rule of the market is that no chains are allowed…. UNLESS your first store started there!  Like everyone’s favorite – Starbucks, Sur la Tablé, Ellenos just to name a few.  I could probably tell you for days all of the stories I’ve heard about when the market began and how the families would stick together to get through the tough times, and WHY it’s called the “sanitary” market… but really I wouldn’t do the best job AND I know that people don’t come to my blog to read….it’s all about the PHOTOS!!  So, if you are interested in learning all (or at least some) of the fun stories you should really check out the Savor Seattle Food Tour and snack while you learn! It’s wonderful!

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