Let me just start by saying, I LOVE DESTINATION WEDDINGS!!!

It’s a FACT. This time next week we will be ON AN AIRPLANE headed to TULUM Mexico to celebrate our best friends Laurel and David as they tie the knot at their destination wedding! AAAAAAND this time last year we were just getting back from Puerta Vallarta where we helped celebrate the wedding of Carl & Cheyenne, it was INCREDIBLE!!  Like… we’re STILL glowing from it – it’s THAT incredible!  The stories and memories we have – will never fade!  HA! (I’m looking at you Molly!)

Carl & Cheyenne are such dynamic people, I LOVE having them in my life and love being part of their world!! Every time Cheyenne and I would get together to talk timelines or photo ideas or anything about weddings, we would end up CRYING.  ALL of the happy tears!!  Yes, there was champagne involved.  Yes, we would talk about how crazy it is to be planning a wedding and DEFINITELY how lucky we were to be going to Mexico to celebrate.

Destination weddings are a lot of work and a lot of money, it’s hard to make decisions from so far away – where you can’t see, feel and touch everything.  It’s even harder with the language barrier.  What is GREAT about being so far away from home is that once you’re there…. you’re there!  The party will start days in advance.  Guests started arriving 3-4 days before the wedding, getting settled in with quality time in the pool, at the swim up bar.  There is a rehearsal dinner, a pre-party and a lot of time to chill and soak in not only the sun but also the reason you’re there. Love.

Carl & Cheyenne chose The Hard Rock Puerta Vallarta for their wedding, it’s all inclusive with an amazing pool AND located right on the beach!  There were so many great places for photos on the property, I think we were there for six days and never even felt like we wanted to leave!  To say it was magical doesn’t even begin to describe how fun it was!

WAIT – we haven’t even TALKED about the most amazing thing that happened.  It rained!  That sounds fairly standard for Seattle weddings… but we weren’t IN Seattle.  We were in Mexico, and it didn’t just rain.  The sky opened up and it DUMPED buckets on us.  The weather report said rain was in the future – but we didn’t freak out.  We embraced it and honestly – had the BEST time because of it!!  It was perfectly nice for portraits. Lovely for the ceremony on the beach. When cocktail hour started – we could see the dark clouds heading our way and as soon as we sat down for dinner… the skies opened up!

You’ll have to scroll down and check out the final photos to REALLY understand how much fun we had – it was a LOT.  In fact, we might have had ALL of the fun and left none for anyone else.  HA!  SorryNOTSORRY!


If you want to see more destination wedding photos,

Here’s a link to Angele & Andrew’s Wedding

Here’s a link to Libby & TJ’s Pendleton Wedding

Here’s a link to


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Seattle family portraits at Golden Gardens

Take a moment to check out the Rosso family portraits, you won’t regret it!  A few weeks ago we went to Golden Gardens beach in Seattle’s famous Ballard neighborhood, one of my favorites!  We played around taking portraits for oh-about an hour on this beautiful sunny Seattle Sunday morning.  Everyone was feeling like we got lucky to have the beach to ourselves, (ooooh – by lucky I mean, we showed up super early before the crowds) and were able to explore through the trees, down to the water and towards the rocky shore.  Golden Gardens beach has SO much to offer for backgrounds in a portrait session!!

Adorable little Nico is just six months old right now, a ridiculously fun age, probably one of my favorites!!  He’s smiling, can sit up on his own, hates to eat sand! (I mean, besides his brother Luigi don’t we all hate eating sand?!) Oh, and Nico LOVES it when his Grandma Linda sings “The Wheels on the Bus”!! That song makes him smile EVERY time!!

Nico LOVES flirting with the ladies and doesn’t mind being on camera at all, I hope this phase lasts throughout high school!  🙂

One of my favorite things about being a family portrait photographer is being able to capture a moment in time. To be able to document a little piece of history for the families who hire me.

Maybe it sounds silly, but as much as we enjoy these photos right now, posting them on Facebook & Instagram we are really  taking them for our future selves!  It really is so lovely to print a few favorite photographs, either frame them or put them in an album and bring them out on special occasions. You know, high school graduations, first dates, think about when Nico grows up and has a family of his own and him showing his babies these photos!!  It makes me want to cry right now, SLOW DOWN TIME!!

When Nico was just a two weeks old I was lucky enough to photograph his newborn photos (the SWEETEST) and his Mama (the beautiful Andrea you see here) mentioned to me that she LOVES them because that time of her life was such a blur, that it’s hard to remember everything and she loves looking through the photos and remembering how tiny he really was!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the Rosso family portrait session, where Ralph’s mom and brother were able to join us from the east coast for a few photos, I hope you love them as much as I do!!

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If you’ve got to a few minutes to spare, you’ve GOT to check out this beautiful brunch wedding at the Woodmark Hotel!!   The people are beautiful, the location is phenomenal and we had SO much fun making these photos! (Having fun is MOST important on any day, but a wedding day – obviously EXTRA important!!)

Betsy and Wade have a wonderful story, they’ve been in love and together for over ten years. They decided it was time to make it official and wanted to celebrate their love with all of their family and friends together in one amazing space!  They chose the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland because of the beautiful views, the amazing staff and delicious food… I mean seriously – have you been there?! If not, check out these photos then go visit, you’re guaranteed to fall in love!  It was a lovely Sunday brunch celebration seemed like the BEST choice for everyone, because HELLOOO chicken and waffles and mimosas – THIS is what perfection looks like!  Oh man, Eleanor with Bash & Bloom did the most amazing work with her gorgeous floral decor, it’s always a treat to work with her – she is SO talented!

I have to tell you, it is weekends like this with people like these ones that really remind me why I love this lifestyle of a job. It isn’t always easy being a wedding photographer, it is a consuming profession so you really have to love it (and I do!)  But from the very first phone call with Jane (Betsy’s Mom) it was clear – I’m going to really enjoy this wedding!! It has been a LOT of fun getting to know Betsy & Wade and their WONDERFUL families – they not only make everything worth it – but they make me want to give so much more!  I hope you all love the photos as much as I love the people in them!












They had a dream team of vendors –

Venue: The Woodmark Hotel – Florist: Bash & Bloom – Photographer: Barbie Hull Photography – Caterer: The Woodmark Hotel – Desserts: Kathy Stenger – Officiant: Uncle Steve – Dress: I Do Bridal – Band:  – Planner: Friend/Craig Williams

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I have been SO excited to share these backyard portraits with the Link Family for a few weeks now!  My face SERIOUSLY still hurts from laughing so much with these little giggle monsters!  It has been such a pleasure to know and what feels like joining the family of Trisha & Jesse!! We met so many years ago while they were planning their wedding and since them have been lucky enough to photograph the wedding, pregnancies and first years of both Aster & Violet’s lives.  A lot has changed over the years and we’ve all grown in so many ways, being able to document real life history in the making  – the crazy hairstyles, puppy brothers, home renovations and back yard playgrounds knowing these photos will be loved (and laughed at) for years is my absolute favorite and what makes everything worth it for me! Love you crazy Link people, thanks for including me in on all of the fun!!


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Welcome to the world little Eli!!  The Fentress Family has a tiny ADORABLE addition and you are going to fall in LOVE with him when you see these photos!!  Congratulations Kristi & Joey you have created the most perfect little man and I can’t wait to watch him grow!!  I love an in-home session for just this type of shoot.  It puts the family at ease so they can just enjoy quiet time in their comfy space, and I can capture them in their natural habitat!

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A few weeks back I received a call from Chris.  He was SO excited to propose to his long time girlfriend and wanted to do it in an adventurous way!  Being from the Sacramento area, they wanted something unique, different, dramatic and together we came up with the perfect idea.  A Snoqualmie Falls Proposal!  It was planned as an adventure shoot, where they got all dolled up for some photos in the forest and at the base of the falls.  It wasn’t an easy hike and Shivani was a TROOPER in her full length glitter gown!!  The code was – when they tossed rose petals in the air he would get down on one knee and pop the question and the whole thing went off FLAWLESSLY! What an exciting moment and I am SO excited to have been there not only to witness but also to capture!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:




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I LOVE photographing families, love getting to know them, love seeing them grow, and love being able to capture the silly, sweet moments that happen only when people who love each other are together.   This is the Stender family, they LOVE their city (as do I) so we chose to do Seattle family portraits at the Seattle Center for a Mother’s day portrait session!  It was hot and we were all hungry and thirsty by the end of it – so would be SILLY to NOT jump in the wading pool!  🙂

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day :





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Ah! You HAVE to check out these images from Nikki & Eric’s Guemes Island Wedding!! It was an AMAAAAZIIIIIIING couple of days, the people were BEYOND wonderful and really good-looking to boot! Becca and I photographed the weekend, and since we were up there on the island staying in this cool resort with wonderful people, we decided to join them in having some fun too! The first night was a welcome party with woodfire pizza, plenty of beer and a GORGEOUS sunset!  The party went on way into the evening and before we knew it… it was time to get up and get ready for the wedding!  The boys hopped in the boat to drop a few crab pots, while the girls enjoyed some bubbles and started getting ready.  In true community style everyone who was around pitched in by setting up centerpieces, chairs and even stringing lights.  We had about an hour for portraits in the woods – so we explored all over the resort area and I think even if we did that every day for two weeks there would still be more to see – this place is AMAZING!!  The ceremony started with music by Nikki’s uncle (or was it her godfather… I can’t remember now!) and was filled with laughter and SO much excitement!  The party went on into the wee hours of the morning, and I feel so lucky to have been invited into such a close knit group of folks to not only document the events of the weekend but to be part of them as well.

Congratulations Nikki & Eric, I know you had the BEST time that weekend and I hope you love your photos FOREVER!!

Exchanging their vows privately in a letter before the ceremony was probably my favorite part of the day, incredibly sweet!



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