Bates & Libby celebrate their Crystal Mountain Wedding

Bates & Libby chose Washington as a destination for their Crystal Mountain Wedding and it couldn’t have been more perfect!!  It was one of the hottest days of the year and the mountain was the BEST place to be!! We rode up the gondola for the first look and some amazing portraits of the bride, groom and that amazing mountain! The ceremony was at sunset at the base performed by one of their favorite friends surrounded by all of the people they love. The reception started off with a dance, some DELICIOUS dinner options (ELK!! YUMM!!) oh, and the toasts were hilarious, entertaining and we were all able to learn their fun story!   These two lovebirds met in college and were friends for so many years before even deciding to date – Libby was the one to make the first move, calling him late one night from AFRICA while he was in England! They were both studying abroad and were able to keep their great connection going strong.  After college, they lived the dream and became ski bums – and MAYBE were in the ski patrol?  That part was a little confusing to me thanks to the teasing of Bates’ hilarious cousin! They fell in love with the mountains here in Washington while visiting Libby’s family Bates decided to propose at the most romantic part of the mountain, The Snorting Elk Bowl!

Here are a few of my favorite images, this was such a wonderful event to photograph with such amazing people!!  All of the hugs at the end of the night, so much love to you Libby & Bates, thank you for trusting us to capture your wedding day!!

CrystalMountainWedding0001TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0002TillmanP I NBridesmaids in Pop Confetti robes at Crystal Mountain Ski ResortP I NCrystalMountainWedding0004TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0005TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0006TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0007TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0008TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0009TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0010TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0011TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0012TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0013TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0014TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0015TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0016TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0017TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0018TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0019TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0020TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0021TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0022TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0023TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0024TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0025TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0026TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0027TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0028TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0029TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0030TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0031TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0032TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0033TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0034TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0035TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0036TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0037TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0038TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0039TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0040TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0041TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0042TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0043TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0044TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0045TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0046TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0047TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0048TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0049TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0050TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0051TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0052TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0053TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0054TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0055TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0056TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0057TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0058TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0059TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0060TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0061TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0062TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0063TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0064TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0065TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0066TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0067TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0068TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0069TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0070TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0071TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0072TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0073TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0074TillmanP I NCrystalMountainWedding0075TillmanP I N


Wedding Team

Venue // Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

Planner// Sherry at McKenzie Kate Weddings

Florist // Daphne Durst

Hair & Makeup //  Erin Hunt 

Wedding Dress // MeaMarie Atelier

Photographer // Barbie Hull Photography

DJ & Lighting // Braden Landon

Caterer // Cristal Mountain & Ski Resort

Dessert // Hillcrest Bakery

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