Balvenie visits Seattle

I always thought I didn’t like scotch… but man was I WRONG. It is DELICIOUS.  Last week Balvenie visited Seattle and had a tasting up on the rooftop of one of the coolest working buildings in Seattle, Galvanize.  Have you been there? Well… until last week neither had I – it is the BEST! Such a cool building and the rooftop and the VIEW!  Wowza! What a great week, found a new drink that I LOVE and a new building to lust after!  David is based in L.A and has the best accent and taught us all of the good ways to smell, sample and enjoy a good glass of Scotch, we learned a little of the history and a lot of good laughs!  Here are a few of my favorite images from the afternoon, tune in to Seattle Met Magazine in August and you’ll see more!

Balvenie scotch, david, seattle, washington, drink, deliciousScotch tasting with Balvenie in Galvanize building of Seattle, Washington, 2016, Barbie Hull PhotographyTasting, Scotch, Balvenie, Seattle Met, Barbie Hull Photography, This is the cool effect you can see in your scotch when you add a drop of water, it brings out the natural flavor and enhances the tastes, Balvenie, Seattle Met, Barbie HullA tiny drop of water in scotch, Balvenie, Barbie Hull Photography, Tasting, Seattle Met


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