The Crazy Fun Patterson Crew!

We met just a little over two years ago via skype – within minutes of “meeting” we were laughing and I knew they would forever be in my world – I mean, they’re just TOO awesome to let a little thing like 2,000 miles between us keep us apart! HA!  Kellen & Jenica got married in July of 2014 and WHAT-A-PARTY! Omg. There are things I can never forget even if I tried and our day after portrait session in West Seattle?!?  STILL LAUGHING!!! These two are the BEST – so when I heard they were making a tiny human, I HAD TO MEET HIM!  So, around Grayson’s 10 month birthday we all met in Portland, we drank mimosas, played in the park and I’m pretty sure my face still hurts from all of the hysterical laughter!  Oh man – there were a lot more snot bubbles and street people involved in this shoot, I can’t wait to see what the next one holds for us.  I’m thinking east coast – obvs!

Patterson 1P I NPatterson 2P I NPatterson 3P I NPatterson 4P I NPatterson 5P I NPatterson 6P I NPatterson 7P I NPatterson 8P I NPatterson 9P I NPatterson 10P I NPatterson 11P I NPatterson 12P I NPatterson 13P I NPatterson 14P I NPatterson 15P I NPatterson 16P I NPatterson 17P I NPatterson 18P I N


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