2016 // The Fancy Fayette Family

Two weeks ago we flew to California to photograph one of the sparkliest, loveliest, fanciest families I know – the Fayette Family!  I can’t even begin to tell you how great the trip was and how fun it was to see Ed & Danielle being the most adoring loving parents to their new little Stella Francis who is now just four months old. ADORABLE!   It’s more fun to see it in photos, so here are a few of my favorite shots from the weekend :

160110_0001StellaBlogP I NWe flew in JUST in time to watch the Seahawks win! 160110_0002StellaBlogP I N

Just checkin in on some game stats, it was important!  :0) 160110_0003StellaBlogP I N160110_0004StellaBlogP I N160110_0005StellaBlogP I N160110_0006StellaBlogP I N160110_0007StellaBlogP I N160110_0008StellaBlogP I N160110_0009StellaBlogP I N160110_0010StellaBlogP I N160110_0011StellaBlogP I N160110_0012StellaBlogP I N160110_0013StellaBlogP I N160110_0014StellaBlogP I N160110_0015StellaBlogP I N160110_0016StellaBlogP I N160110_0017StellaBlogP I N

This is a BLIMP hangar!! SO freakout cool!!  (SO much bigger in person!)160111_0018StellaBlogP I N

Day two we headed down to Santa Cruz to the boardwalk for lunch and shenanigans. 160111_0019StellaBlogP I N160111_0020StellaBlogP I N160111_0021StellaBlogP I N160111_0022StellaBlogP I N160111_0023StellaBlogP I N

If you were ever wondering if Stella was REALLY Danielle’s baby, this is 100% proof.  She is already in love with champagne!! ha! 160111_0024StellaBlogP I N160111_0025StellaBlogP I N160111_0026StellaBlogP I N160111_0027StellaBlogP I N160111_0028StellaBlogP I N

Hans came down to join in on the fun and family photos – photo above left by Chris, photo above right by Danielle.  🙂  Love you guys!! 160111_0029StellaBlogP I N160111_0030StellaBlogP I N160111_0031StellaBlogP I N160111_0032StellaBlogP I N160111_0033StellaBlogP I N160112_0034StellaBlogP I N160112_0035StellaBlogP I N160112_0036StellaBlogP I N160112_0037StellaBlogP I N160112_0038StellaBlogP I N160112_0039StellaBlogP I N160112_0040StellaBlogP I N160112_0041StellaBlogP I N160112_0042StellaBlogP I N

Hahaha!  We tried three separate times the next morning to get this perfect smiley confetti photo – we tried different poses, laughs, dancing, naps, meal breaks, another nap…. nothing. I mean, WE laughed a lot – Stella was all, “Weird guys, weird” and Chris was the NICEST to throw the confetti, clean it up, throw it again and again and again and again. 160112_0043StellaBlogP I N

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