June :: The Month For Vacations!!

Normally my vacations happen in the winter months for a few reasons… wedding season is in the summer (duh) and Seattle winters can be dreary and a sun break is often needed but NOT this year!  This year, June was the month for vacations (and hopefully in the winter too!).   The first week of June I was a lucky girl and got to spend an week -give or take a few days in Ketchikan, Alaska – it was SUNNY and gorgeous (very un-like the June of Seattle) and I got to see a few of my very missed friends. (love you guys!)

It is always fun playing tourist in your home town, Amy & I walked around here are a few of the shots from down town K-town…

Oh… and I’m sure you didn’t think I’d be hanging out with my supersilly friends and NOT do facedowns??! More to be posted on the site – but here is a little snippet of the fun ::

One other part of this trip – SO many of my friends are having babies… and you can’t have babies and not have photos!!! So the last day there was spent snapping shots at City Park –

Thank you to Amy & Kellyn for letting me crash at your house – you are the BEST hostesses EVER! (oh and the best pigtails too!!)

This next couple of cute kiddos were brought to us by the beautiful Jody Carson who I have to say… makes the CUTEST kids!!  Look at these guys!!  Cade (the big brother), Cash (the bluest eyes known to mankind) and Claire (just look at her, she is a doll!).

The first shoot of the day was Addison Cockrum with all of her cousins. —  Wouldn’t it be SO fun to grow up in a town with so many of your cousins in your class? I would’ve loved it!  – Addison’s parents are two of my favorite people from back in the day, Samantha Bass & Jared Cockrum – can’t wait to see you guys again in August!!!

Last but definitely not least – Claire Ruaro!!  FINALLY a Ruaro girl!!  And she is a cute one!!  So good thing she has a great Dad and a bunch of uncles to look out for her and keep those boys away.  =)

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  • LindaJuly 3, 2010 - 5:41 am

    I can’t wait for you guys to come back to Clam Gulch too! Love all the pictures of the kids in Ketchikan. You are a good friend to many Barbie.ReplyCancel

  • […]  You may remember seeing photos of Addison & her cousin’s up in Alaska last summer (see here) — little Addison is the perfect blend of the two :: cute like Sami & funny like Jared! […]ReplyCancel

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