Washington Cash ~ Headshot Day!

J.K Burwell and I have become instant friends when we first met for coffee (introduced by Ryan – thank you!) – We met as a one to one through BNI to learn more about each others business and it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit!  She has been telling me about her fabulous husband Brian for some time now – and on Friday I finally got to meet him!

Brian Jaeger is the Business Accelerator Manager for Washington Cash – and let me tell you,  Washington Cash is a place that EVERYONE needs to know about!  It is amazing!  You should read more on their WEBSITE, but basically – it is a place for people who need a little help get started in their own successful business!  There are workshops, classes, offices available & other small business owners to brainstorm with.  It was founded in 1995 & since then as helped approximately 1,600 low-income people to graduate from their business training courses, more than 750 businesses have been started or expanded, and 327 loans have been made to low income individuals, totaling $690,250.  Washington CASH is the only microcredit program using the peer lending model in the state of Washington.  Washington CASH helps individuals move from being in poverty to being small business owners and contributors to community revitalization.

A few weeks ago I went and visited one of the groups, we had a great discussion on the importance of professional portraits vs personal photos on your business websites.  There are of course pros and cons to each side – but as always a happy medium.  You want to show your clients who you are – that you are professional, but also when your personality comes through it helps attract the kinds of clients you work best with.  (amen!)

Anywhoo (I’m a rambler today!)  here are a couple shots of each small business owner photographed on picture day!  Enjoy!!

090717_0008Burwell 090717_0014Burwell 090717_0020Burwell

J.K Burwell of Family Heritage – (supplemental cancer insurance policy)

090717_0008Jaeger 090717_0021Jaeger 090717_0034Jaeger

Brian Jaeger with Washington Cash – (the greatest thing that has happened to people starting up small businesses!)

090717_0003Bivens 090717_0021Bivens 090717_0009Bivens

Lisa Bivens of Bivens Quick Account – (accounting & bookkeeping!)

090717_0018Massena 090717_0021Massena 090717_0018Massena

Shaula Massena of & Washington Cash (northwest sustainable and responsible impact)

090717_0003Vargas 090717_0019Vargas 090717_0011Vargas

Sonia Vargas of Sonia Begonia Studios (teaching super cute kids to play piano!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post today and have had time to peruse the links to learn more about the Washington Cash program, and maybe even one or more of these fabulous businesses!!  =)

Have a wonderful day!

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  • JK BurwellJuly 25, 2009 - 5:19 pm

    OK, Barbie, I knew you were good, but I didn’t know you were a miracle worker!!! The shots you took at Washington Cash are incredible. For a bunch of people who ‘don’t like to get their picture taken’, you sure changed our tune! thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…………………………………………….jkReplyCancel

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