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Hoooorray!  Today is the first day of the BNI Madison Marketeers Business Spotlights and our first guest is Christopher Smith of Christopher’s Flowers – he is an AMAZING florist for all special occasions (weddings, parties…mothers day – you name it, he is the BEST!)

A couple of weeks ago, I got to visit Christopher (Buddy & Blossom too) at their home (which is also their workspace) we chatted about business, the chapter and of course life and all that is happening. (In BNI this is known as a one to one for future posts)  Here is a photo of our featured member:


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

First of all who are you what do you and how can we reach you??

Christopher Smith of Christopher Flowers, a wedding and event floral designer, located on Beacon Hill
email me @,   or phone me @ 206.619.5337

Now – tell us more!

1)  How long have you been in business? I’ve had my own floral business for about 6 years, and have been in the Madison Marketeers for a little over a year.
2) What made you choose to join the Madison Marketeers? (over other groups) I chose the Madison Marketeers because the people are so talented and friendly, and because it’s at a good time of day for me. (in the afternoon!)
3) What has BNI done for your business? BNI has definitely helped me grow my business, not only in size but also in the way I want it to develop by focusing my on my goals
4)  What do you like most about work? The thing I like most about my work is when I arrive at an event with the floral arrangements that I have designed specifically for someone’s special day and they immediately love them.
5)  What is an average day like for you? What is an average day like for you?  An “average” day has a little of everything: communicating with clients, writing proposals for weddings or events, buying flowers, planning, designing, and of course washing buckets.

6)    What sets you apart from your competitors?
I’m creative and patient with my clients, but also very organized and detail oriented, so everything goes as planned.
7)    Where can people find you or read about you? (this is your chance to brag awards, accomplishments here)

(I am NOT going to let him get away with this one!!  He is featured on MANY sites where you have to be at the top of your industry to even be considered! I know there are MANY more, but here are a few to start with.)

Style me pretty, LuLu WeddingsJunebug Weddings, Luxurious Weddings, The GSFA,
8)    Any Hobbies?? Gardening, growing orchids, music, travel

9)     Why did you get into this business?
I wanted to work at something I truly love, and this was the very first thing I thought of.
10)    What would you like people to know about you… your business and why they should hire you? I would love for people to visit my website, see what I do, then schedule a time to meet with me.  I take great care with each wedding or event and work very hard to create something beautiful every time.

Here are a couple of photos of Buddy & Blossom – they are SOOOO cute!(now you know… we were really playing with them the whole one to one!!)

0011hull040709 0065hull040709

So now you know a bit more about Christopher & his business – if you know anyone looking for some fab floral arrangements to brighten up their space, be sure to give him a call!

email him @,   or phone him @ 206.619.5337

If you are interested in visiting our BNI chapter to see if it would be a good fit to help grow your business, please do so!  We meet on Wednesday from 1-2:30 at the Starbucks in Madison Park. You can email our President, Mr. Travis Banducci if you have any questions.

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