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Hello! This will be a silly post – Every week I talk with business owners about the importance of good photographs – if you want people to know who you are, that you are indeed a real person and that you aren’t some creepy, crazy maniac. A good portrait of you will help people relate to you & will show professionalism (or whatever the message is you wish to convey). So, if you know me you probably know one or more of the sites I have profiles on…., blog, myspace, linkedin, biznik, facebook, (coming soon) and all of them have ZERO photos of me (well good ones anyway). This is ridiculous considering I am a photographer and half of my friends are too. (we know its important, but actually getting around to doing it is a bit scary!)

Laurel The Superstar McConnell (of Laurel McConnell Photography) agreed to take my photos last week (like she had a choice… hee hee). So we headed down to Georgetown – our first stop was the Tully’s (used to be Ranier) brewery and then to a few abandoned buildings where we laughed, shivered, laughed some more, looked into the sun (so bright) and of course jumped of stairs. Laurel is SO awesome – I mean she always has been a fabulous photographer – but to be photographed by her is the greatest! I am not so comfortable in front of the lens (silly ones are great, but real photos are scary!) and Laurel made it a fun experience. Time flew by so fast I didn’t want the afternoon to end. =0) Thanks Laurel – you are the greatest!!

Here are links to her site & blog check em out!!

Below you will find a couple of the fun shots Laurel took. (it is so funny seeing photos of yourself… ridiculous)


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  • LaurelJanuary 21, 2008 - 11:40 pm

    You funny funny girl! Thanks for all the props! If every client I ever had was half as much fun as Miss Barbie ‘Ridiculous’ Hull I’d never stop shooting and never ever stop laughing! We need to do this each and every week! My favorites by far are the ridiculous windblown flirty shots… hilarious Miss B!!! You should definitely use those ones as your professional head shots… Raaarrr! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • KimJanuary 29, 2008 - 7:03 am

    Love, love, love the photos! You are so cute :). Adam and I totally agree with Laurel, go with the windblown shots!ReplyCancel

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