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Girl Power Hour created by Darnell Sue & Samantha Lawton (two super fabulous gals)… It is hard to explain – technically its a networking group but realistically it is fun filled evening of drinks, prizes and mingling. So fun! Check out their website – – you can learn all about the charities, artists, and fabulous women they support. On January 17th the event was hosted by Val at Solo – a super cute little bar in Queen Anne that I will definately be visiting again soon. =)

003hull011708-copy.jpg012hull011708-copy.jpg (they feature artists ~ we love that!)019hull011708-copy.jpg

(This is Sam on the left and Darnell on the right) 059hull011708-copy.jpg027hull011708-copy.jpg036hull011708-copy.jpgThe first 50 ladies in the door got a fun filled swag bag!! 250hull011708-copy.jpg039hull011708-copy.jpgUm… YUM!! Trophy has the best cupcakes in all the land! 047hull011708-copy.jpg052hull011708-copy.jpgEach party has a different non-profit charity in which you can donate to. This particular one is called Women of Purpose ~ the necklaces were for sale at a very reasonable price $35-$50 and everything goes towards helping to stop exploitation and trafficking of women & girls. Here is a link to their site. 054hull011708-copy.jpg075hull011708-copy.jpgRebecca Agiewich is a hilarious writer (she read a passage from her book at the event) who went through a rough breakup and wrote an insanely funny book called the Breakup Babe on her take of the entire event. Good read! Here is a link to her blog (where she got started!)

111hull011708-copy.jpgMark your calendars – February 21st!


These two fabulous gals are from Marrylicious – their company delivers the tastiest treat on your wedding day!


(doesn’t this just look like so much fun?! Don’t miss out on the next on!)225hull011708-copy.jpg

So ~ if you want to see all of the photos, go to either my site to see the photos or collages (to see a pretty slideshow with music) OR

Username: PowerHour

Password: 10107

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