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In my free time I LOVE taking photos of the places I go – to share them with the world I often hang prints in local businesses.  I’ll start updating this page with the businesses and hopefully a few photos of the show & the opening party.  All of the travel (non-people) images are for sale – email me for size & price availability.

Current Displays:

Vanquaethem Chiropractic – 2914 E. Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112 (November 2008 – Current) Images – 20 various sized details of nature.

Spur Gastropub – 113 Blanchard Street, Seattle, WA 98121 (May 2009 – Current) 30 images from New Orleans

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(to see all the Spur images, go to, click website, then proofing – password:  Travel

Upcoming Shows:  (I’m sure there will be plenty of upcoming shows…. we just don’t know about them yet!)

Past Shows:

Starbucks Madison Park – 4000 E. Madison, Seattle, WA 98112  (January 2009)  Images – Costa Rica Images

Fuel Coffee – 1705 N. 45th St., Wallingford, WA 98103 – 20 Images – family portraits

Conscious Body Pilates – 3317 East Union Street., Seattle, WA 98122 – Costa Rica Images

Seattle Management Group – 8313 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle, WA 98103  Alaska & Mexico Images

Conscious Body Pilates – 3317 East Union Street., Seattle, WA 98122 (February – March 09) – 12 – Wedding Images

TerraBella Flowers – 8417 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle, WA 98103 (February – March 2009) 5 – Wedding Images


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Starbucks Madison Park – 4000 E. Madison, Seattle, WA 98112  (January 2009)  Images – 4, 16×20 Holga composits

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Studio Evolve – 3333 Wallingford Ave N., Suite B, Seattle, WA 98103 (March – April 09) 10 – Alaskan Images

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Series –

Okay – so, I’ve always wanted to be organized enough to put together a series or better yet – a BOOK!!  (someday)

Here is the start of my first series – “Alaskan Watering Holes”

These images will be shot with a holga of the crazy bars in Alaska (there are SO many).  So far, I’ve shot in Anchorage, Homer & Ketchikan – it will be an on going series and I will work on it as often as I can.   Here are the first of many to come, enjoy!

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  • Kirsten WahamApril 12, 2010 - 5:02 pm

    Hi Barbie,

    Just came across your site looking at the Seattle Cupcake Camp info… I remember meeting you when I worked for BizXchange years ago. We both attended a Seattle networking group..BNI in one of the motels on 6th Ave I think in Belltown area? Anyway, WOW…awesome work! Also, it just saw you did wedding pics for my ex-husband’s cousin Mindy Hamlin!! She is about to have her first baby! Went to her shower….

    I am in the midst starting my own company now- XO Good! High-protein, sugar-free, gluten-free and guilt-free organic truffles, fitness fudge and cheesecakes! Num! We will have to keep in touch- be well!

    Kirsten Waham (Taz)ReplyCancel

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