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Hello there!  Thanks  for stopping in and checking out my site – it is always a work in progress so check back often!

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This is me in a nutshell //

I’m in love with life, I’m story teller, and I can’t sit still when there is SO much fun out there to be had!   I love meeting new people, traveling to new places and taking photos of it all!

Let’s see – what can I tell you that will both entertain you and let you know the LEAST crazy things about me?  I am a business owner, a philanthropist and a bizarrely happy person to boot! I eat more orange tic tacs than any human ever should, think glitter is the best, love my cat, and I have hopes and dreams to someday be a rap star. I wish I were taller, a time traveler and could tell my 12 year old self to invest in Apple.  I overshare constantly (you’re welcome), laugh at all of my own jokes (WAY too loudly),  and am obscenely optimistic.  I always assume the best in people and LOVE to hear them laugh. My honest opinion is that everyone looks their best when they are laughing!

Down to business – I started my photography career in 2001 after graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle, focusing mainly on documenting peoples’ lives (only the funnest parts of course). Weddings, parties and babies are my favorite!  In my spare time I am part of a wonderful organization called Get Hitched Give Hope – myself and five other fabulous women started it in 2007 and our mission is to bring the wedding industry together to give back (all while looking fabulous at an incredibly fancy party)!!  That’s right – a Seattle wedding industry giving event that ends in a dance party! Year to date we have raised over $500,000!! To find out more (and you should) go to our site –

So that is me in a nutshell – a goofy, picture taking, spreading good cheer kind of lady who is based in Seattle and always on the go!


If you would like to contact me, here is my info:

Call or Text – 206.349.5540  (text is preferred)

Email –  (email is the best way to get ahold of me)

Images & Info –   or the blog is probably updated more often 

Pen Pal – P.O Box 17184, Seattle, WA 98127  (Checking the mail is my FAVORITE part of the day, I love a good hand written letter!)

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