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It’s been SO long since I’ve shared what’s happening over here – not because there isn’t anything going on…. because there is TOO MUCH HAPPENING!!! (inserting long list here of beautiful home remodels, vacations, engagements, proposals, hilarious cats, weddings galore, new businesses, new head-shots, new best friends!!) There are SO many amazing things to celebrate every day and I feel PARALYZED by it, scared I’ll share the wrong thing… or worse, the most perfect thing in the wrong way. Do you know what I mean?

Also, there is too much sadness happening all around that it makes me feel awful sharing only happy things (the loss of family members once so close, friendships torn, pets passing, businesses closing, politics, having to fight for basic human rights, conflicts ew.) – but who REALLY wants to share the sad/bad??  DEFINITELY not me.  But I also don’t want to build a false reality front over here and for anyone to think I live only a happy life.  AAAAAAAHHHH I’ve become social media BLOCKED. And I don’t want that anymore. HELP!  (no, really – if you have some sound advice, I’d love to hear it!)

There are plenty of posts like this on the web, FB, Insta and everywhere of people sharing their struggles.  The answer seems to be taking  break from FB or removing certain apps from their phone – seems reasonable.  Refreshing, restarting, re-calibrating …. I don’t know just taking a break, clearing minds and focusing on what is important and then fingers crossed – the rest will fall into place??  Or, what comes next?  You take a break, and come back stronger and more creative than ever?  I keep trying to do this – but my hands just will not let me.  Instead – I feel like I need to bring it back to the basics.  Blog more, share more, and just try to not be afraid of doing it right… just doing it. No matter what, there will always be regrets – nothing is perfect and there are always things you wish you could’ve done better or tried harder.  Hmmm… this feels like a good time for a quote.  Anyone have one??

Perfect example… I just spent 20 minutes looking for a quote – texted a few friends for inspiration and was distracted. Dangit.  I found a quote, put it in here… came back and re-read it a few minutes later and had to delete it.  Dumb! Thankfully my long time pal Nicole, who loves quotes more than the average human came up with this one –

To do not or to do, there is no try. – Yoda

So, 2018…. Do it.  (by it, I mean blog all of the things).  So here goes, wish me luck and hopefully there will be at LEAST 24 more posts between this one and my happy 2019 Post!




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