2016 Be Sage Wedding Professionals Conference in Cabo San Jose, Mexico

November was a great month, we spent a week in Cabo San Jose, Mexico for the Be Sage Wedding Professionals conference, if I had to describe it in one word, I would have to say it was AMAZING!! But of course, I can’t say just ONE word, I have to tell you ALL about it!!  Michelle and Kelly have created this wonderful event that brings people from all over the world together to share knowledge, inspiration and in the safest of environments where you can bring your ideas to the table without fear of judgement and know that everyone has your best interest at heart.  It really is the BEST!

SO Chris and I were photographing the speakers, details and all of the parties – I wanted to share a few with you, to show you how cool it is and  could barely narrow it down to my favorite 500 images! YIKES!!   Ready??  Start scrolling – I’ll add in a few stories here and there, but really – you should book your spot for Be Sage at Hilton Head 2017 so you can experience it next year for yourself! (I’ll be there!!)

Be Sage Secrets Resort Puerto Los CabosP I NThe 2016 Conference was at the Secrets Puerto Los Cabos – an all inclusive, ridiculously gorgeous resort with super nice rooms, several pools and my favorite was the endless supply of over flowing champagne!
be-sage-cabo-2P I Nbe-sage-cabo-3P I NBe Sage Welcome party by RentivistP I NGuests at the Be Sage Wedding Pros conference in Cabo San Jose MexicoP I Nbe-sage-cabo-6P I NMexican party at the Secrets Cabo Los Puertos hosted by Rentivist and Sage Wedding ProsP I Nbe-sage-cabo-8P I NGuests at the Be Sage Wedding Pros 2016 Conference in Mexico, hosted by RentivistP I Nbe-sage-cabo-10P I Nbe-sage-cabo-11P I Nbe-sage-cabo-12P I Nbe-sage-cabo-13P I NSunrise in Mexico, Cabo San Jose 2016P I Nbe-sage-cabo-15P I Nbe-sage-cabo-16P I Nbe-sage-cabo-17P I NMichelle and Meghan the organizers of Be Sage Wedding Pros 2016 ConferenceP I NOverall conference, Be Sage Wedding Pros, Rentivist, P I Nbe-sage-cabo-20P I Nbe-sage-cabo-21P I Nbe-sage-cabo-22P I Nbe-sage-cabo-23P I Nbe-sage-cabo-24P I Nbe-sage-cabo-25P I Nbe-sage-cabo-26P I Nbe-sage-cabo-27P I NNataly Kogan, Happier INC. Be Sage Cabo ConferenceP I NJesi Haack, Jesi Haack Design - Be Sage, Mexico 2016P I N
Mexican Lunch at the Cabo San Jose Secrets Resort, DELICIOUSP I NLunch hosted by Rentivist at the Secrets Resort Cabo 2016 Be SageP I Nbe-sage-cabo-33P I NWebsite Audit from Lucky You, Be Sage Wedding Conference 2016P I NDenise Silverman, Clink Events talked about how to put your team first ahead of all else. 2016 Be Sage, MexicoP I NBe Sage, Ooh Law, Swag, Rentivist, Artifact Uprising, Lucky You, Conference, MexicoP I NJohn Scrofrano, Be Sage, Mexico, Speaker, Conference, 2016, Barbie Hull PhotographyP I Nbe-sage-cabo-38P I NFiesta like thereP I NBe Sage, Mexico, Felicia Hatcher, Code Fever, Hilarious, Branding, Marketing, Superhero, P I Nbe-sage-cabo-41P I NMotivational Speaker, Felecia Hatcher 2016 Be SageP I NMichelle Loretta, Be Sage, Speaker, Conference, Host, P I N

Breakfast in Cabo, Be Sage, Conversation, Wedding, Professionals, BusinessP I N
be-sage-cabo-48P I Nbe-sage-cabo-49P I NBe Sage Cabo, Mexico, Christy Weber, Seattle, Speaker, Action and Co, Online communicationsP I Nbe-sage-cabo-51P I NKatie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp, 2016, Cabo, Be Sage ConferenceP I NBe Sage, Conference, Questions, Interactive, Katie Hunt P I Nbe-sage-cabo-54P I Nbe-sage-cabo-55P I NLunch, Mexico, Barbie Hull Photography, Be Sage, Wedding, Professionals, BusinessP I N

Heather Hall, Be Sage Wedding, Conference, 2016, P I NGretchen Culver, Rocket Science Weddings and Rentivist, Be Sage, Cabo, Mexico, Barbie Hull PhotographyP I NTaking Notes at the Be Sage Wedding Pros Conference in Mexico, P I NMari Carmen Oregon, The WOW Effect, How to surprise and Delight, Speaker at Be Sage Wedding ProsP I Nbe-sage-cabo-63P I NBe Sage, Beautiful Details, Swag, Michelle Loretta, Fiesta, Mexico, 2016, Barbie Hull PhotographyP I Nbe-sage-cabo-65P I NFarewell Party at Flora FarmsP I Nbe-sage-cabo-67P I NFlora Farms, Be Sage, Farewell PartyP I N
be-sage-cabo-70P I N
be-sage-cabo-72P I N
Flora Farms, Be Sage, Wedding, Mexico, Destination, Wedding, Travel, Gorgeous, P I Nbe-sage-cabo-75P I Nbe-sage-cabo-76P I NSunset in Be Sage, Mexico, Barbie Hull Photography, Farewell Party, Flora Farms, P I Nbe-sage-cabo-78P I NFlora Farms, Be Sage, Mexico, Barbie Hull Photography, 2016, P I Nbe-sage-cabo-80P I Nbe-sage-cabo-81P I NSeattle Crew, Be Sage, Wedding, Business, PartyP I NBe Sage, New York P I Nbe-sage-cabo-84P I Nbe-sage-cabo-85P I Nbe-sage-cabo-86P I Nbe-sage-cabo-87P I Nbe-sage-cabo-88P I Nbe-sage-cabo-89P I Nbe-sage-cabo-90P I Nbe-sage-cabo-91P I Nbe-sage-cabo-92P I Nbe-sage-cabo-93P I N




There were SO many great speakers with GREAT topics and I have a million pages of notes.  I would love to share them all – BUUUUUUUTTT… then this post would never get finished, because there is just not enough time.   Here are the key players from the conference & their instagram names, check out their sites they are dynamo wedding professionals that we can all learn from!

Founders & Organizers

Michelle LorettaSage Wedding Pros

Kelly SimantsSweet Pea Events

2016 Speaker’s Lineup 

Mari Carmen ObregonEfecto Wow *The WOW effect*

Gretchen Cluver Rocket Science Weddings & Rentivist – *How the sharing economy is disrupting the business world*

Heather Hall –  Maid of Social *How to position your business for tomorrow’s couples on social media*

Jesi HaackJesi Haack Design  *How to get out of your wedding box and expand your business*

Katie Hunt Tradeshow Bootcamp How to Sell Digital & Physical Products Online*

Christy WeberAction & Co *How your online communications are missing the mark*

Felecia HatcherCode Fever *How to become an epic expert & gain new opportunities*

John ScorfranoGarmentory *How to grow your business with other people’s money*

Denise SilvermanClink Events *How to put your team first, ahead of clients & profitability*

Nataly KoganHappier, Inc *How Happiness can better your business*


2016 Event Sponsors 

 Meaghan CodySweet Pea Events

Michelle EdgemontMichelle Edgemont Design

Mariana Martinez AlvaDel Cabo Event Design

Kelly MedanichPink Champagne Paper

Jim WeiszDiscovery DJ & Lighting

Barbie Hull & Chris Varnes Barbie Hull Photography

Jeffery CoombesSplendor Films

Lesley CohenVenue Safari, Luxury Travel

Alyson NewquistRentivist




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