Ookla’s 10th Anniversary Party at the Pacific Science Center

Dear Everyone,

You MUST spend at LEAST two minutes looking through these photos…. because SERIOUSLY.  The Shanghai Pearl and her gang KNOCKED THIS ONE OUT OF THE PARK! KABLOOEY! The Ookla 10th Anniversary part at the Pacific Science Center was BONKERS, let me tell you a little about it and THEN we’ll get to the photos!

First the team was lead by some hilarious actors/tour guides from their offices to the monorail given amazing Seattle facts that made you go, hmmmm….. greeted by your favorite photographer for a big group shot before heading inside for drinks with the dinos!  After an hour of cocktails in the dinosaur exhibit and a million poloroid selifies we headed into the outer space where we were served champagne drinks from a falling star (also known as a beautiful trapeze artist) and served dinner from the most amazing City Catering (yuuuuum!). There were more poloroids, more cat coloring books, more hilarious stories from our goofy tour guides and ending dinner with a birthday song and THREE CRAZY CATS jumping out of a lifesize CAKE! SAY WHAT?!?   Now… you HAVE to be saying to yourself… there cannot be any more – but if you did, you would be WRONG!  BECAUSE THEN a GIANT dancing robot and dinosaur grabbed us and lead us into the NEXT room where we had karaoke with Baby Van Beezly, AMAAAZING mini whoopie pies and a whole dessert bar, REALLY Shitty Caricatures by Deuxkla (seriously amazing!), a bounce castle and velcro suit station where you could jump and get stuck to the wall… oh yeah!!  There was  a robot lady wearing a dress of champagne, private tours of the butterfly exhibit and all of the dancing and fun you could manage.  It. Was. Neat.

Hope you love it too!!

Love,  Barbie


The Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington Ookla 2Ookla 3Ookla's 2016 TeamOokla 5Ookla 6Ookla, Dinosaur Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in SEattleOokla 8Ookla 9City Catering Happy HourOokla 11Ookla 12Ookla 13Ookla 14The Most amazing DinoDog! Ookla 16Ookla Drunken Dinosaurs at the Pacific Science Center with City CateringOokla 18Ookla 19Ookla 20Ookla 21Ookla City Catering DinnerOokla 23Ookla 24Ookla 25Ookla 26Ookla 27Ookla 28Ookla 29Ookla 30Ookla 31Ookla 32Ookla 33Ookla Baby Van Beezly and a dancing dinosaur Ookla 35Ookla 36Ookla 37Ookla 38Ookla 39Ookla 40Ookla 41Ookla 42Ookla 43Ookla 44Ookla 45Ookla 46Ookla 47Ookla 48Ookla 49Ookla 50Ookla 51Ookla 52Ookla 53Ookla 54Ookla 55Ookla Moonrise at the Seattle Pacific Science Center

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