Reyka Vodka loves FREMONT, Washington

Everyone from Seattle seems to be running to Iceland as fast as they can, well – THIS Icelandic company is running here to Seattle as fast as they can, AND what neighborhood do they choose?? Mine of course. :0)  Reyka Vodka LOVES Fremont, Washington… you know it! I mean, I know why they do, quite obvious… it’s where I choose to live – it’s a kickass neighborhood.  There are trolls under bridges, statues of cool people, rocket ships – I mean it’s KNOWN for being the center of the universe, and NOT just my universe…. everyone’s.  Oh yeah, and every other building is a REALLY cool bar, like HA! and Add-A-Ball and Fremont Brewing and 9 Million in Unmarked Bills just to name a few.  Although now that I named those – like ten more have already popped into my head, you’ll just have to come check out the hood for yourself! (call me when you do, we can grab a drink!) – Now that I’ve told you about the coolest neighborhood…. let me show you some photos of the coolest bartender, meet Trevor Schneider from Brooklyn NY – he walked off of the plane into this shoot and this guy, SO hilarious!  Be sure to keep an eye out for this handsome devil in the pages of Seattle Met Magazine in the coming months, you know… because it’s cool. :0)

Fremont Troll loves Reyka VodkaReyka Blog 2Reyka Blog 3Reyka Blog 4Super fun bartender Trevor Schneider mixes a drink under the bridge at the Fremont TrollReyka Blog 6Reyka vodka photographed by Barbie Hull PhotographyReyka Blog 8Reyka Blog 9Celebrity bartender Trevor Schneider mixes a Reyka vodka drink at 9 Million in unmarked billsI've got a prescription for you, some Reyka Vodka served by the famous bartender Trevor SchneiderReyka Blog 12Reyka Blog 13The bartender and the moose - Trevor Schneider photographed by Barbie Hull Photography in Fremont Washington

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