You know I LOVE a good destination wedding and this one really tops the charts!!  There are SO many stories I could tell you, I don’t even know where to begin…. First of all Libby & TJ are the COOLEST (duh), they picked Pendleton to get married (where Libby grew up!) SUCH a gorgeous place!  Normally the hottest time of the year the weather decided to mix things up for us – there were wild fires happening all around causing this bizarre red sky AND THEN those red skies decided to open up and downpour (like really downpour) right as we were starting portraits.  This made for some AMAZING opportunities for crazy weather photos – dark skies, wet streets, a great reason to use big umbrellas, oh – and of course, time to pop into the Rainbow Cafe and have a drink or two.  Thankfully, the skies went back to their beautiful soft color, the sun popped out and gave us a gorgeous sunset then moonrise. We had RIDICULOUS amounts of fun!! Dancing through town, riding a tractor to the ceremony at the White Barn (NEAT!) an icy machine & beer truck at the reception we couldn’t have asked for a more exciting, beautiful, love filled day. I wish we could celebrate these two every fall!!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day, Libby + TJ Blog 1Libby + TJ Blog 2Libby + TJ Blog 3Libby + TJ Blog 4Libby + TJ Blog 5Libby + TJ Blog 6Libby + TJ Blog 7Libby + TJ Blog 8Libby + TJ Blog 9Libby + TJ Blog 10Libby + TJ Blog 11Libby + TJ Blog 12Libby + TJ Blog 13Libby + TJ Blog 14Libby + TJ Blog 15Libby + TJ Blog 16Libby + TJ Blog 17Libby + TJ Blog 18Libby + TJ Blog 19Libby + TJ Blog 20Libby + TJ Blog 21Libby + TJ Blog 22Libby + TJ Blog 23Libby + TJ Blog 24Libby + TJ Blog 25Libby + TJ Blog 26Libby + TJ Blog 27Libby + TJ Blog 28Libby + TJ Blog 29Libby + TJ Blog 30Libby + TJ Blog 31Libby + TJ Blog 32Libby + TJ Blog 33Libby + TJ Blog 34Libby + TJ Blog 35Libby + TJ Blog 36Libby + TJ Blog 37Libby + TJ Blog 38Libby + TJ Blog 39Libby + TJ Blog 51Libby + TJ Blog 52Libby + TJ Blog 53Libby + TJ Blog 40Libby + TJ Blog 41Libby + TJ Blog 42Libby + TJ Blog 43Libby + TJ Blog 44Libby + TJ Blog 46Libby + TJ Blog 47Libby + TJ Blog 48Libby + TJ Blog 49Libby + TJ Blog 45


Libby & TJ – thank you for trusting us to capture your day, Jennifer and I had the BEST time and we love you (and your family/friends) to pieces!!

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