I Love Whiskey!

I’ve always been a Gin & Tonic type of girl, I love a delicious craft beer most any day of the week, oh offer me a dirty martini?? – You won’t hear me say no – but I have never really enjoyed the taste of whiskey… until now, I just can’t get enough!!  Seattle Met Magazine asked me to photograph 12 (ridiculously good-looking) bartenders at 12 of Seattle’s finest establishments mixing a drink that they have created (and named) for their Angel’s Envy contest, then they will be featured in each month of Seattle Met Magazine – and sorry guys… I can’t remember what the prize was, or if there was one!!

Anyway – back to the story on how I now love Whiskey!!  I don’t even know what the turning point was – but tasting each of these DELICIOUS drinks has turned me into a whiskey craving lady!!  In fact… it’s happy hour somewhere, I just might need a glass right now to finish this blog post!!

This was SUCH a fun project to work on, I LOVED working with Sonny of Seattle Met and George with the Hideout and Angel’s Envy (new best friends, YAAY!).

Many of the bars/bartenders here were photographed in these fancy bars –

The Hideout // Roux // The Miller’s Guild // Barrio // Bitterroot // Kicken Boot // E.Smith Mercantile // Metropolitan Grill // Revel // Quoin // Spur Gastropub

After each shoot we would take a group selfie… which after reviewing these images was a GREAT reminder to brush my hair before leaving the house.  haha!! This was maybe the ONLY image suitable for public viewing.  ;0)  Thanks Sonny & George for the funnest starts to many of our weekdays this summer!!  


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