Mary & Matthew celebrate their love at the Fremont Foundry

January 17th – the fact that this Seattle day was filled with an amazing rain storm didn’t matter one bit, (that’s right, we love the rain too!) because Mary & Matthew were celebrating their wedding at the Fremont Foundry!!  It was filled with blue and glittery gold decor, so many twinkle lights, GOBS of delicious treats from City Catering.  Laurel & I had the MOST fun singing and dancing the day away with Mary, Mathew and all of their really fun friends!

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Mary & Matthew’s Wedding Team

Venue // Fremont Foundry

Hotel // Seattle Marriott

Hair/Makeup // Off White Makeup & Hair

Photography // Barbie Hull Photography

Dress // Cicada Bridal

Florist // JNJ Floral

Planner // Champagne & Blooms

DJ // THE Bruce Pavitt

Caterer // City Catering

Cake // Hoffmans

Officiant // Mark Smith (great friend!)


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