A new niece!!

I am so excited to share this with you guys – I have a brand new teeny tiny little niece!!  Reagan Anita Rose Boardman – born a few weeks preemie, so she is the teeniest and loves to sleep and eat (a lot, she is a GOOD eater!) her big brother Waylon is getting used to her, and her big sister Aneikha LOVE LOVE LOVES her!!  Mary & Troy are the happiest with their sweet little family!!  Congratulations you guys – I can’t wait to see you again in a couple of weeks!!

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This little teeny doll she is next to – her name is Rose, and since I can remember my little sister Mary… she ALWAYS had this doll with her (adorable!) so I have been begging her to name her kiddos Rose. ;0)  At least we got a middle name here, sweet little Rose!  141206_0173RaeganP I N141206_0179RaeganP I N141206_0197RaeganP I N141206_0213RaeganP I N

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