Brooke & Andy are ENGAGED!

Brooke & Andy are ENGAGED and we had a LOT of fun on Sunday…. like a LOT.  Yup.  I can’t even tell you – my face hurt after I dropped them off…. too much talking? Maybe.  Too much laughing?? NEVER (but maybe.)

Instead of me telling you how adorable, and fun and photogenic they are… I will let the photos show you!  ;0)

We started off under the Ballard Bridge for a quick Mannys (liquid courage is never frowned upon!) at the reeeediculously cool new bar Pono Ranch. (We should ALWAYS go there, it’s neat.)

140406_0001EngagementP I N140406_0002EngagementP I N140406_0003EngagementP I N140406_0005EngagementP I N

Don’t worry, Andy’s got this!  WINK!

140406_0007EngagementP I N140406_0009EngagementP I N140406_0012EngagementP I N

A little celebration, and a LOT of hugs… always a good thing!
140406_0013EngagementP I N140406_0014EngagementP I N140406_0017EngagementP I N140406_0018EngagementP I N140406_0019EngagementP I N140406_0022EngagementP I N

Sometimes I make people take their own photos… no reason, it’s just fun. ;0)

140406_0024EngagementP I N

140406_0025EngagementP I N

Sittin on the stoop was hard work… so we had to pop into King’s for a little pick-me-up bloody mary style!

140406_0026EngagementP I N140406_0033EngagementP I N140406_0035EngagementP I N140406_0036EngagementP I N140406_0040EngagementP I N140406_0041EngagementP I N140406_0043EngagementP I N140406_0049EngagementP I N140406_0052EngagementP I N140406_0053EngagementP I N140406_0057EngagementP I N140406_0061EngagementP I N

The VERY best way to end any day (or photo session) with a fire pit on the beach… and maybe a little bubbly and DEFINITELY some Van Damming! (totally a thing) 140406_0063EngagementP I N


Thanks for being awesome you two! Hope you love your photos and I cannot WAIT for September to get here… we are going to have TOO much fun then too.

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