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Tonight’s event  at MOHAI felt a little like the beginning scene of A League of their Own (I love baseball!) when all of the ladies came back to look at their wing at the hall of fame – except tonight it was at the MOHAI and it wasn’t baseball.. it was the Seattle Afloat exhibit and it was all about the history and the current residents of Seattle’s floating homes. (If you aren’t sure – think Sleepless in Seattle!)  Oh wait,  if you aren’t sure… get your butts down to the MOHAI on Lake Union and see for yourself, there are then/now photos maps stories, sculptures big & small!

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the evening ::


It was incredible to meet people who were seeing their homes in a museum!! Some of them previous home owners, some of them builders – all of them were friends & had a great time catching up!! What a great community!

Tonight I met a lot of amazing & wonderful people – but these two are my favorites.  She is from Montana, he from Michigan, they were married & moved to Seattle in 1950 – they lived in a sweet little float house on Lake Union for many years in the 1950’s.  S

Thank you MOHAI for inviting me back to document such a wonderful opening!!

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