History & Parties! What could be better?!

The MOHAI its an amazing place, an amazing space and I just LOVE going to parties there!  Last night at the MOHAI was event for the largest sculpture I have ever seen.  The Wawona – by John Grade.  Made from an old old wooden ship it – weighs over 7,000 lbs and is suspended from the ceiling – you can see daylight at the top and the lake through the bottom! You can stand inside the giant sculpture, when you push on it – it moves!  It was so great hearing John & Hans (the engineer) talk about how it was made, the installation process (took 2 years!) it couldn’t have been more fun.

Seattle's local museum of history, on South Lake UnionSeattle artist John Grade created the Wawona sculpture and is now located in its permanent resting place at the MOHAI museumLocated on South Lake Union the MOHAI museum is an amazing place for parties, events and to learn all about our city's history!

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