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I LOVE wishing for things – I just can’t help it. Today – I wished I were a robot & I wished I didn’t love chocolate & then I wished I could time travel back to 6th grade. At LEAST 100 times or so a day I say or think the words I wish…. generally followed by some insignificant want or hope.  These wishes of mine are sometimes useful (don’t laugh) like “I wish I were taller and could reach… well – anything” or something productive like, “I wish time would stand still so I can get my email answered today” or the occasional vain wish (don’t you judge me), “I wish I were skinny… then I would wear that most amazing dress to Get Hitched Give Hope!”  (don’t worry… I’ll still wear an amazing dress!)

As of lately every time I whisper these words – I can’t help but think of how silly & meaningless they are. Working with Michelle, Tom & everyone at the Dream Foundation has really opened my eyes to what wishes really are & how easily we can help to make them come true. A few short weeks ago I was talking with Michelle and she told me about a local woman who was battling an illness that has completely depleted the families savings, they are in an incredible amount of debt and are barely making ends meet. When she received her final diagnosis that the treatment isn’t working and she doesn’t have much longer she wrote to the Dream Foundation and asked them for a wish.  It was for a steak dinner for her & her Mother. (My heart breaks every time I think about this.) A dinner out. Not a vacation, nothing extravagant. A dinner. With her Mom.  She followed up her request with, “If steak is too much, we will settle for a lunch anywhere.”

Okay – here’s another truth about me – I don’t cook… at all. Like only use my oven to warm up a pot pie on occasion. I eat out at least one meal a day & I don’t even think about it. Knowing about this woman and her wish – makes me wish for more.  I wish there were something I could do for her.

Thankfully there is something we can do!  I know sometimes giving to big organizations are scary… because you don’t know where the money goes, where it is used and if it makes a difference in peoples lives.  Well – Get Hitched Give Hope is a 100% volunteer organization – we keep our costs incredibly low because there are so many amazing people in Seattle who donate time, services, products – all so we can give as much as we can to the people who need it most.  Dream Foundation has granted over 10,000 wishes to adults who are in the last stages of their lives and the BEST part about Dream Foundation is that when you partner with them – you REALLY partner with them!  They are amazing and wonderful and have these teams called Dream Delivery Teams – when we grant wishes, we get to go and meet the dream recipients balloons in one hand, camera in the other we get to be a part of their wish.

It is our 5th anniversary this year & our goal is to raise $100,000.  With your help, I KNOW we can do it!!  Think of Sarah a 20 year old college student – who wanted only to attend a 5th Avenue Theatre play, or Steve who wanted to thank his wife for taking such good care of him and take her on a 2nd honeymoon to Ocean Shores.  These are wishes you and I can help to make come true!  (we can be like Glinda, the good witch of the North!)

Here’s how you can help ::

Enjoy the party :: Come to GHGH 2012!!  Tickets are available online or at the door ($10 more at the door FYI)

Be A Giver :: Donate Cash & get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are making someones day!

Spread the Word :: Everyone’s talking about this party, its the event of the year!! Feel free toTWEET us @beagiver #GHGH Friend us on Facebook.

Join the Team ::  We are always looking for fabulous people to help us plan (all year, days before, day of, and days after! email us if you are interested in becoming a Giver Vendor/Sponsor/Volunteer!


Get Hitched Give Hope, 2012, Wedding, Charity, Non-Profit, Event,

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