Its good to be the nice guy!

This post was written by Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros – she wrote it back in August, but it has been sitting in my email inbox ever since because it really resinated with me.  {reposted with permission}  I think it is SO important to be nice – I have a lot of thoughts on this… but am having a hard time getting these thoughts out in a way that will sound… well, nice.  ;0)  So – I’ll just let you read what Michelle has written and hope that it inspires you to do something nice today.

Remember – Your true character isn’t based on what you do when you think people are watching but instead what you do when you think people aren’t.


When I was a kid, I was as likeable as the next guy.  I had good friends and I can’t complain about my relationships with classmates.  But, there was this girl in my class: Tracy.  Everyone REALLY LIKED Tracy.  Yes, Tracy was smart, cute.  But, there was so much more.

I was fascinated by this.  And, I decided that I was going to study Tracy.  I was going to analyze her every move.  How does she do it?  I thought, “I really like Tracy.  I’m going to do everything that she does.”  And I did.  I literally copied her every move.  Well – I tried.  I’d like to think I succeeded, at least for a short while… until the next fad hit me.  I think I did this for a week.

Do you know what I learned while I was studying her every move?  It was simple: SHE WAS NICE.  (I still know Tracy and I’ll tell you, she *IS* nice.)

People sincerely liked her and liked being around her.  She was often voted “nicest” and “friendliest” and “happiest”.  She had this way of making others feel good and feel good about themselves.  Part of it was her natural positivity and part of it was her cheerful soul.  But, mostly, she was just so nice to everyone.

Tracy was nice to every single person in school… which is saying a lot for 6th grade when people aren’t always so nice.

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Nice Guys Finish First

Honest.  They do.  Eventually kharma catches up… for better or for worse it will catch up.  And, the people who are nice are the ones who are often doing the best.

I think of people that I admire in my career (and in my previous careers) and it is the people who were the nicest that are on top.

Why is this?  Well… think about it… when someone is nice to you, don’t you want to do something nice back?  I sure do.  When someone is nice to you, don’t you notice them?  When someone goes out of their way to be nice (even in a small gesture), does it make you see them more clearly?  I know that when people are kind to me, I notice them.  I want to help them back.  I want to help them as people, as business owners.  When people do nice things, I feel better about myself… and, as a result, I feel better about them too.

People do Business with People

I got to listen to Brett Culp, from Brett Culp Films talk last week at Wedding and Event Video Expo (WEVA Expo).  He shared with us his “business plan” which is a core ideology for how he runs his film business.  It’s pretty simple:

  • Do Great Work
  • Show it to LOTS of People
  • Be REAL Nice

I love this!  I love all of it… but I especially love the “Be REAL Nice”.  These days everyone is sweatin’.  We’re sweatin’ about our equipment, our branding, our websites, our gear, our style, and so on.  BUT(!)—- all the client cares about is THE PERSON that he or she does business with.  That’s also the only thing that your colleagues in the industry care about also.  Yes, you have to provide quality and you have to be able to deliver on your promises.  But, at the end of the day… the client is less concerned what kind of camera you own and more concerned with how they are going to be treated.

Shed everything from your business… and what is left?  Are you nice?

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