You too can be a GIVER!

We need your help! Its easy too – you don’t have to volunteer, you don’t have to give us money… we just want your old stuff!!

Do you have :: Old/Broken Phones?  Un-used iPods? Gps? What about cameras that you don’t use??  WE WANT THEM!  =0)

I bet you never imagined your old junk would help grant wishes!!  Well it will!  BuyMyTronics is a super cool company in Colorado they pay money for old electronics!  They rebuild them, part them out, recycle them in the GREENEST way possible and everyone wins!!   Plus, they are going to match 5% to whatever we can raise.  So whatdoya say?? Want to help??

Email  if you have questions  — watch facebook for local meetup locations  —  mail them in to Get Hitched Give Hope PO Box 17406, Seattle, WA 98127 We will be forever grateful!!


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