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Checking the mail is always a highlight for me… sometimes I find just bills (that’s okay – cause I’m happy to be able to pay them) sometimes there is candy (and I LOVE candy… and I love even MORE are the people who send me candy!) and SOMETIMES there are happy little surprises!!  (I can’t help but love people who send surprises!)

A few weeks back I went to my post office expecting nothing in particular and was pleasantly surprised by a delightfully gold wrapped box… I couldn’t wait to get home. I opened it right there.  A fellow mail checker also wanted to see what was in this box, so she patiently waited with me.

It was THE most extravagant, gorgeous over the top – i love it so much – wedding invitation!! From one of my couples!  (in fact my generous giver couple! )

Thank you Danielle & Ed – for many things, one of them being SO awesome to send me an invite to your big day!!

Not too long later, I received an invite to the Rehearsal Shmehearsal footy party!!  Ed plays for the Seattle Grizzlies! AND this invite had CANDY in it!!  RAD!!

Danielle is the co-owner of Curtsy Bella, a super fun store near U-Village that is FULL of great ideas, sparkly items, and so many things that you would LOVE.  You MUST check it out!!

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  • MaryJuly 10, 2010 - 5:00 pm

    Woooo Hooooo Love mail, candy and funstuff!!! =)ReplyCancel

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