Networking = Huge part of my life!

If you’ve ever met me you know my middle name is “Networking” (although if you ask Jen, Laurel or Becca they’ll say I have many claimed middle names).  The group that got me started in this crazy people meeting world is BNI – first the Seattle’s Best chapter and then onto the current and amazing Madison Marketeers. I have become a huge fan of SO many people because I met them each week for lunch, learning so much about them and their businesses.  Go ahead ask me for a referral!!  Do you need a florist?? A handyman? A Life Coach? An acupuncturist??! I’ve got them all! =)  IF you want to meet them, come down and meet everyone!  We meet every Wednesday from 1pm to 2:30  at the Starbucks in Madison Park –  (4000 East Madison St.)

Each meeting every person gets 60 seconds to stand up and tell us, who they are; what they do; and what is a good referral for their business – and each meeting two people get TEN full minutes to go in depth about any topic they choose.  Well – since I’ve been giving presentations for the past 6 or so years I’ve moved on from serious presentations to silly games.  Who wouldn’t love that?!  PLUS – I”m not an awesome speaker, but I am an awesome silly person. (if i don’t say so myself! ha!)

During the last presentation I wanted to show everyone what photoshop can do – retouching is well known (thanks to magazine covers!) but it can do a lot more than make a person look younger/thinner/faker.  So do you remember the highlights magazine from your dentists office growing up?? I do – and that’s what I based my presentation off of…. the before/after… find the differences!

Can you find 10 places this image was retouched?!? (I bet you can!)



THEN of course, I couldn’t have all eyes on me for 10 full minutes (yikes!) so I set up a photobooth so everyone could entertain themselves by snapping awesome photos!!

It seems as though I’m having technical troubles uploading the video… so go to THIS link to see the awesome BNI members in the photobooth.

ooookay – for those of you who HAVE to know the answers… here is a key so you can see the changes ::

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