William Thomas Gaspar

Jen & Isaac are such a cute couple!!  They met through BNI (which I love!) they were married a year ago last May in Montana and finally moved back to Seattle about a year ago.  All year we watched as Jen’s belly grew and grew – with an original date of September 23rd we thought we had plenty of time to do their pregnancy photos – but when I received the phone call in early September from Jen saying we’d better do it this morning I was SO excited!

So we set up a little studio in their living room and snapped some beautiful portraits – and created some beautiful art.

090902_0007GasparP I N

090902_0012GasparP I N

090902_0013GasparP I N

090902_0024GasparP I N

090902_0049GasparP I N

Then – 32 short hours later they met little William (Will) Thomas Gaspar born September 3rd, 2009 7lbs & 6oz – 19inches long (and incredibly handsome!) Then two weeks later I was able to visit them and took a couple of photos – he is SO sweet!!

090929_0005GasparP I N

090929_0006GasparP I N

090929_0009GasparP I N

090929_0014GasparP I N

090929_0019GasparP I N

090929_0023GasparP I N

090929_0026GasparP I N

090929_0045GasparP I N

090929_0056GasparP I N

090929_0067GasparP I N

090929_0071GasparP I N

090929_0074GasparP I N

090929_0078GasparP I N

090929_0084GasparP I N

090929_0086GasparP I N

090929_0098GasparP I N

090929_0104GasparP I N

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