Jewtopia – Laugh your way to giving!

Last night was too much fun!  Rachael Brandt of the Jewish Federation here in Seattle helped to put on an AMAZING fundraiser at Beneroya Hall – it was called Laugh your way to giving featuring World of Jewtopia.  AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!  First of all there were pre-parties galore, second of all there were 1400+ people there!!  I can’t wait to see how much they raised – their speakers were phenomenal and the performers (the guys who created Jewtopia) were RIDICULOUS. Seriously – I cannot even begin to tell you how funny they are! I wish I could – they are pants peeing funny!!  They recorded phone conversations with their mom’s and then read the script to us –  TOOO FUNNY!  (see – you just had to be there… and you can!  They perform in LA all the time!)

Anywhoo – I was out and about snapping photos as per usual and here are a few highlights:  (I even ran into a couple of friends – I love the Jewish community!!)


The images are posted online – if you want to see the WHOLE shebang here is the login:

username:  Jewtopia

password:  10107

Thank you Rachael for a fabulous event – I had a great time!!

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