BNI Spotlight – Iaan Hughes of Starbucks!

Today is the 2nd to last post on our BNI business spotlight blog, you’ve read about most of the members – learned SO much about them & the successful businesses they run… and now its time to read about the man behind “The Clappers”! (that’s what they call us in Starbucks… if you came to visit – you’d know why!)

Iaan Hughes is the manager of Starbucks in Madison Park & I met him about three years ago when he agreed to let the Madison Marketeers take over his meeting room every Wednesday. (THANK YOU!)  At first it was pretty casual; a few hellos here and there – but then I found out how cool he was… and now – he couldn’t get rid of us if he tried!    Iaan is such a great guy – a huge supporter of all of his local coffee drinkers, he takes the time to get to know all the people & not to mention he has a rotating art exhibit in the meeting room – (any supporter of the arts is a friend of mine!).   When I told Iaan about this fun BNI blog project he was excited to be a part of it – AAND I got to learn so much about him!  We live in the same neighborhood, he loves country music, works on the RADIO and does a mean Elvis impersonation!

Here is one of my favorite shots of Iaan from our photo-shoot day:


A little info first please:

Your Name?  Iaan Hughes What do you do & Where?  Manager of the Madison Park Starbucks

How can we reach you?   stop on by: 4000 E. Madison St. Seattle, WA 98112   – call me:  206.329.3736

Now – tell us more!

1)   How long have you been in your business? 6 years with Starbucks and 3 at the Park.

2)   What made you choose to join the Madison Marketeers? Fortunately, they chose me!

3)   What has BNI done for your business? Well, they boost my Wednesday sales, which is great (and thank you). At least once a meeting the BNI group bursts into applause just as someone walks into the store which makes it sound like we’re all clapping for them and even after all these years that still makes me laugh. Sometimes the customer bows or waves their hands like a pageant princess, it’s all quite hilarious and gives a good vibe to the afternoon.

4)   What are your goals? Starbucks has been a great company to work for and I hope to continue with them.

5)   What do you like most about work? We spend so much of our waking life working there has to be something more than a paycheck and for me it’s the people I get to talk to everyday. They’re interesting and smart and funny, for the most part, and there’s a certain joy that comes along with service. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

6)   What is an average day like for you? Up at 3:45 a.m., out the door by 4:25 a.m. and walking into the store by 4:45 a.m. Then it’s all about brewing coffee, talking about the Mariners, the weather, the newest pothole on lake Washington Blvd., and all the backroom admin stuff that makes all the fun stuff possible.

7)   Is there anything you specialize in with your business? Coffee and People.

8)   What sets you apart from your competitors? My staff and I really care about the service with give and beverages we make.

9)   Describe your dream client: The one that comes in everyday and smiles back at me.

10) Where can people find you or read about you? (but only if you like dusty old country and rockabilly records)

11)                  Any Hobbies?? I host two weekly radio shows on KBCS 91.3 (and online at The Outskirts on Thursday afternoons from 12noon to 3pm featuring all sorts of Americana and roots music. Walkin’ the Floor on Sunday mornings from 6am to 9am featuring classic country and rockabilly music like Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline.  (don’t forget to vote for Iaan as the BEST of Western WA HERE)

12)                     What would you like people to know about you… your business and why they should hire you! National Syndication?

WONDERFUL!!  Thank you Iaan for letting us invade your space – we LOVE being here, love the space, LOVE the atmosphere you help create and we are happy to be the applause for your incoming customers!

So, now that you know more about Iaan & his Starbucks, you’ll have to come by – grab a cup of coffee (or toffee nut latte – that’s my favorite!) and join us for an exciting BNI meeting.

(P.S – this Starbucks is SO cool, its pretty much an every day occurrence where you see one or more celebrities… but don’t tell anyone I told you.)

I couldn’t resist – here are a few fun shots from earlier in our shoot:


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