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Hooray for Wednesday – because its almost Friday and its also BNI Business Spotlight Day!! Todays featured member of the Madison Marketeers is the amazing, the magnificent, the illustrious Kent Welsh. Kent was one of the very first members I met when joining BNI (5 something years ago). – He is the reason I am in the Madison Marketeers, the reason I am a home owner and hands down Kent is THE most honest & genuine person I know.  He always puts other people first – always.   Let me put it this way – if Kent were to win the lottery today and become a billionaire (fingers crossed!) you would have to say, “He is someone who really deserved it, good for him.” and would be 100% happy for him!  =)  (Kent, you are the best!)

This morning, we had coffee at the Essential Baking Co. for our one to one – we talked about family (his wonderful son Jake – happy birthday!) business (its a GREAT time to buy a house) and of course BNI (we are really going to miss you Leslie!)


In Kent’s words:
Who are you, What do you do & Where?

Kent Welsh ~ Elita Real Estate residential real estate in the greater Seattle area

How can we reach you? ~ Elita real estate 4111 E Madison St # 320 Seattle WA 98112  ~  206-297-1557

Now – tell us more!

1)    How long have you been in your business? 12 years How about BNI? I don’t know…7 years?
2)    What made you choose to join the Madison Marketeers? Wasn’t I the president? (hee hee!  Kent was one of the founding members of the Madison Marketeers – THANKS KENT!)
3)    What has BNI done for your business? It took a year to get the first referral that closed, but since then it has been up to 60% of my annual business.
4)    What are your goals?  Create a stable nurturing environment for my son, get my Brokers license, and manage the real estate side of Elita’s business, longer term is to orchestrate my life to have 6 to 8 weeks off in a row to travel Europe with my son.
5)    What do you like most about work? Negotiations and navigating difficult situations, working with people and all the variables and interest that brings.
6)    What is an average day like for you? Fast and fun!
7)    Is there anything you specialize in with your business? Residential Sales
8)    What sets you apart from your competitors? Core competency, fully understanding the language of contracts and negotiating. Mostly negotiating.
9)    Describe your dream client. Someone like me. With lots of money and a desire to live in a nice home.
10)    Where can people find you or read about you? (this is your chance to brag awards, accomplishments here) Seattle Magazines Best of Real Estate 4 years running,,
11)    Any Hobbies?? Woodworking, problem solving, board games, hiking, climbing, kayaking.
12)     Why did you get into this business? Natural progression form being a carpenter and general contractor.
13)     Do you travel for work? Very mobile, but all local.
15)     What would you like people to know about you… your business and why they should hire you! I have the skills, experience, and ethics to take better care of them than they would.

So – now that you know so much more about Kent Welsh & Elita Real Esatate – you can give him a call with any of your real estate questions.  Kent has an amazing team working with him – he has great referrals for contacts with your mortage, insurance, escrow companies – with the chaos of the housing industry it is important to have good people on your side!

Here is Kent’s contact info one more time:

Kent Welsh ~ ~ Elita real estate 4111 E Madison St # 320 Seattle WA 98112  ~  206-297-1557

If you are interested in visiting our BNI chapter to see if it would be a good fit to help grow your business, please do so!  We meet on Wednesday from 1-2:30 at the Starbucks in Madison Park. You can email our President, Mr. Travis Banducci if you have any questions.

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