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Today’s featured member is Debbie Sylvester of Defranco Merril Insurance – Debbie & I met about 4 years ago now when the Madison Marketeers started up.  BUT I had heard about her long before that! (all good things of course!)  We were in the original chapter (Seattle’s Best) but missed each other by just a few months (she left in May I joined in July) she also knew Ryan from his Trash Busting days.  Seattle seemed so big… until joining BNI!  I have to say – my day gets brighter whenever I see Debbie.  She is wonderful – always upbeat, full of smiles and great stories from her kids, her dogs and her love of sports.  Oh – not to mention Debbie helps me out with my business insurance and I don’t even worry about falling into the ocean with my new camera because she’s got me covered!!  (THANK YOU DEBBIE!)

Debbie’s daughter Christine just got married last weekend down in San Diego (I can’t wait to see the photos!) but right before she left we had a little coffee date, we talked about life, work and of course BNI!  We snapped a few photos outside our favorite Starbucks – here is on of my fav’s:


Tell Us:

Who are you?  Debbie Sylvester

What do you do & Where?  Insurance Agent (life/business/home/auto) Defranco – Merril Insurance

How can we reach you?,  206.723.1680,  P.O Box 18227, Seattle, WA 98118

Now – tell us more!

1)    How long have you been in your business?  25 + years How about BNI? 9+ years

2)    What made you choose to join the Madison Marketeers? The people (hands down!) have such integrity – I couldn’t not join the group.

3)    What has BNI done for your business? Growth has been huge, not only do I get an amazing amount of business but I am also a better agent because I have so many people to refer my clients to.

5)    What do you like most about work?  Working with people.  I love the relationship aspect.

6)    What is an average day like for you?  I get up early and get all of my office work finished in the morning so I can spend the afternoons meeting with clients. (and occasionally sneaking away for a mariners game!)

7)    Is there anything you specialize in with your business?  Personal and small business insurance.

8)    What sets you apart from your competitors? I really take the time to educate my clients and make sure I am available day & night for them.  Also I am happy to give advice on what to do in situations – I help people make the best choice for them.

9)    Describe your dream client:  Everyone!  Every person out there would be a great referral for me – everyone needs insurance!

10)  Where can people find you or read about you?  Website,  Facebook

11) Any Hobbies??  I LOVE baseball & of course I am a Volleyball Mom!

12)  Why did you get into this business?  Honestly, I started in the dental field and took some time off when I had my kids & did some work as a temp – one of the offices I was temping in requested me back and asked me to stay!

13)  Do you travel for work?  Of course – I take my laptop everywhere!

15)  What would you like people to know about you… your business and why they should hire you!  Well, they know when they meet with me that I will give them honest answers, will take the time to explain coverages and ALWAYS help them when they need it.  For me as I said before it is more about the relationship for long term – getting them the coverages they need to be safe and the education they need to make them feel secure.

So, now that you know more about Debbie & what she does – its time to give her a call!  I know myself and at least two other photographer friends utilize her services, so you should too!  =)  Here is her contact info one more time:,  206.723.1680,  P.O Box 18227, Seattle, WA 98118

If you are interested in visiting our BNI chapter to see if it would be a good fit to help grow your business, please do so!  We meet on Wednesday from 1-2:30 at the Starbucks in Madison Park. You can email our President, Mr. Travis Banducci if you have any questions.

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