The 3/50 Project – I love it!

ECONOMY – the word everyone has been talking about these days… its on our mind and our tongue -lame sometimes, but can also inspire creativity (my favorite thing).  Today I was reading a newsletter – The Macaroni Kid – written by Sarah Beyersdorf (a great friend) here is the breakdown:

article-1910 Basically you are tired (and sad) to see your FAVORITE boutique & locally owned stores closing down due to the poor economy – SO to take a stand and make a difference you commit to spending $50 each month in one of your favorite stores.    Every little bit helps – remember YOU can make a difference!

To read more on this – visit The Macaroni Kid newsletter click HERE.

or also – visit the 3/50 website by clicking HERE.

I hope this was inspiring and when you go out today – stop by your favorite locally owned business and buy a present for yourself (or a friend) cause we all deserve a little happiness today!

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  • Anne ReadettJuly 17, 2009 - 9:55 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. Local boutiques and stores provide a unique and often fun shopping experience. It sure would be dull without them.ReplyCancel

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