BNI Business Spotlight – Travis Banducci!

Happy BNI Business Spotlight Day!!!

Today’s featured member is none other than our fearless leader – the President himself, Mr. Travis Banducci!  Travis is not only the man who runs our BNI meetings each week but also the owner of Detail Oriented –  everyone’s FAVORITE auto & marine detailing company.  I met Travis about two years ago and right away you could tell what kind of person he is – honest, kind & incredibly sweet!

We had SO much fun at Cafe Ladro during our one to one (where we were probably way too loud snapping some HILARIOUS photos) mostly chatting about the BNI chapter, our businesses & Travis’s family, Jazmine (his beautiful wife) and his three incredibly smart kids (all under the age of 10 and better at computers than both of us) and of course Liam (his brother-in-law and one of the reasons his business is so successful!).   Here is one of the photos we took that day:


So, first tell us – Who are you?  What do you do? and How can we reach you?

Travis Banducci
Detail Oriented
Auto and marine detailing.
We offer a full service auto salon from an enthusiast level to high paint correction.
Call us: 888-697-1813
Email us:

In Travis’s words:

1)    How long have you been in your business? We started detailing cars in the year 2000.

2)    How about BNI? I have been a member with the Madison Marketeers for coming up on 2 years.

3)    What made you choose to join the Madison Marketeers? (over other groups) The Madison Marketeers have a certain energy within the chapter that is unparralled with any other group I visited.  A welcoming, uninhibited, fun experience every time.

4)    What has BNI done for your business? BNI has expanded my skills in public speaking, networking, and people skills.  As far as our business goes we have grown consistently with a great referral network since day 1.  People in the chapter look out for you and qualify referrals well.  It’s been a very positive experience for our company.

5)    What are your goals? (this year, 5 year, life?) We hope to have a few divisions.  A consumer grade company, offering quality detailing, affordable to the general public.  Like a Jiffy Lube if you will.  Then a high end shop offering paint correction, wet sanding, and minor body repair for the discerning client or people who collect and show cars.  There would only be one of these and I would work there for sure.  After this a boat division that expands into fuel polishing, bimini fitting and repair, eisenglass sales and installation, bilge services…not just detailing.  A full spectrum of boat needs all in one company.

6)    What do you like most about work? I have a passion for detailing on a high end level and love the result of a high quality finished product.  I love learning new techniques and figuring out how to fix mistakes.  Most of all I love the clients and meeting new people.  Creating good relationships is very important to me and I try my best to get to know my clients on a personal level even if I never see them again.

7)    What is an average day like for you? I keep busy.  An average day will consist of being on the phone a lot.  I typically handle all the calls and client questions.  Liam, our head detailer, is usually on the road or on job sites making it happen.  He’s a pro.  I enjoy time with my family quite a bit and try to work from home as much as possible.  We homeschool so I spend time with my kids.  I run errands to fix the cars, or paint a room, get groceries.  I kiss my beautiful wife.  I do quite a bit of detailing as well but I have a few “needy” clients I spend most of my time “working” with.

8)    Is there anything you specialize in with your business? Paint Correction.  We have mastered a system for de-blemeshing auto paint which can take hours and hours.  It’s the crem-de-la-creme of detailing and can be very expensive.  The result is worth every penny.  It requires extensive time and patience.

9)    What sets you apart from your competitors? What sets us apart is probably the high touch.  The way we try to develop relationships and build a friendship first, and do business second.  This has always proved to work well for us and we will continue to do it.  We also offer guarantees and warranty all our work.  Why?  Because I want to be treated by businesses I use the way I treat people who use our business.

9)    Describe your dream client. A dream client for us is a collector who needs our services week in and week out.  A client who will fly us to a car show in Australia to wash and manage their automobile on site.  A client who gives us complete authority over the proper methods for the car and enjoys our presence and understands our efforts.

10)    Where can people find you or read about you? (this is your chance to brag awards, accomplishments here) You can probably find us online looking for reviews.  We were once in boating world magazine, featured under the companies in Seattle who detail.  Nothing spectacular…for now.   Our awards and accomplishments are primarily documented by the owners of cars and boats.

11)    Any Hobbies?? Sure!  I’m interested in upholstery and custom boat interiors.  I’d love to get into this…it’s a time issue now, but I’ll get there.  Currently I play the drums and a plethora of other instruments.  We are an active family with hiking, camping and outdoors crazyness.  Have to keep those kids running or else…

12)     Why did you get into this business? My business started as a hobby level, enthusiast, keeping my car nice deal.  Progressively I became more interested and got better at it.  Then I had to charge based on friends and family wanting me to do it for them.  I started with 1 bucket, a crate, 2 wash mitts, and maybe 3-4 products.  That was the good old days…

13)     Do you travel for work? I do travel for work…No where exotic yet but I’ve detailed in Texas, Washington and Oregon.

14)     What is one interesting fact about you? An interesting fact…hmmmm.  I can grow an afro…A good one too.

15)     What would you like people to know about you… your business and why they should hire you! People should hire us based on our integrity.  We do a good job, and so do lots of other detailing companies.  What we can offer is a high touch approach that most people won’t.  Having a personal relationship with clients can be touchy sometimes and people find it easier to keep it all business.  I’ve found more fulfillment getting to know families and clients and letting them get to know my family as well.  This guarantees clients for life and we still have our very first client…Dale and Carol Duskin from Arlington Washington.  They are the owners of the Arlington Pharmacy and we work with him every single week, year round…Matter fact, he’s a dream client and a best friend!

So, now you know about THE BEST auto & marine detailing company you can find, if you (or someone you know) needs this service – give Travis a call!  Here is his contact info once again:

Travis Banducci
Detail Oriented
Auto and marine detailing.
We offer a full service auto salon from an enthusiast level to high paint correction.
Call us: 888-697-1813
Email us:

If you are interested in visiting our BNI chapter to see if it would be a good fit to help grow your business, please do so!  We meet on Wednesday from 1-2:30 at the Starbucks in Madison Park. You can email our President, Mr. Travis Banducci if you have any questions.

Be our friend on Facebook:  Friend Link

I’m sorry – but Travis was TOOO funny in front of the camera, so I had to share a few of the photos that show off his “real” personality – enjoy!


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