Whitney Keyes – Local Celebrity!

I first saw Whitney on her online TV show (The Whitney & Wyatt Show) a few months ago and thought she was amazing! She was talking about marketing and PR – (two of my favorite things) and can even remember telling a friend – we should meet her!! Then like magic, she and her fabulous film crew were covering an event that I too was photographing. (see, magic!) We chatted for a bit, exchanged cards and met the following week for coffee. She is SO fun, full of energy and incredibly passionate about her work!

Since then we’ve become great friends and have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph her on two of her projects. (this is how behind I am at blogging) but would love to share some of the photos with you.

These first photos are from the BizJam event (put on of course by the fabulous people of Biznik) – Whitney spoke about high impact, low cost marketing – how to get the attention of the press and of course your potential clients! We were all taking notes – great advice and a great reason to hire Whitney to help you come up with a plan to increase your business! (HERE is a link to her site. )

A couple of weeks ago (or was it months… time goes by so fast – I can’t remember!) Folk life was here at the Seattle Center. Whitney and her wonderful cameraman Brett came down to interview Ravin Wolf a fabulous Ellensburg based band who was here performing.

Whitney is always doing fun interviews and introducing artists/performers/business people to the community.

See, now you can see how fabulous Whitney is! If you want to grow your business, or start a new business but aren’t sure where to start – you should hire Whitney Keyes, she is a fabulous consultant!!

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