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If you are now (or have been) a bride to be, you know how hard (time consuming, exciting, exhausting, nerve-racking) it is to plan a wedding. There are SO many wedding websites (overwhelming!!!) In fact nearly every day I get an email from a new wedding planning website. So how do you know which ones are good, easy to use and will have the best vendors?? Ask a friend! (referrals are always a good bet) Since you are reading my blog, we are probably friends (or will be soon!) I would love to share my favorite wedding planning sites with you. I always keep a running link (on the right side of the blog) of the top Seattle sites, but wanted to share this supercute new site that is new to the world but already topping the charts.

A Grand Wedding – created by Georgie Hockett

Not only is it an amazingly cute site, but you can find well written articles, top notch vendors, and a great place to “borrow or share” many different items from recent brides. (Really what will you do with 60 fish bowls after your wedding?!?)

The thing that makes A Grand Wedding different than all the rest of them is that each vendor has to have a product or service that is under $1000 (hence the A GRAND Wedding name hee hee). Now this isn’t a place to go and find discount services – because we all know you get what you pay for (live and learn). But lets say one area of your wedding is less important than others you could go on there and find a smaller package option. Or even better – everyone knows that if you have an off-day wedding (Monday-Thursday) that you not only have your pick of vendors but they often times have smaller packages available those days. GREAT IDEA! I LOVE Monday weddings!

So, go check out A Grand Wedding, stay and play a while – they have an awesome Angel Bride section. Have fun and don’t forget to share it with your friends!!

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