Jordan & James ~ Married!!

James & Jordan tied the knot on Groundhogs Day this year (so fun!) over in Port Gamble. If you haven’t been to the Port Gamble area – you should plan a day trip over there. It is amazing!!

The entire day was so beautiful – the location, the couple, we couldn’t have asked for more!! Here are a few of the great shots of the day…. Enjoy!!

00060hull020208.jpgP I N

00112hull020208.jpgP I N

00122hull020208.jpgP I N

00208hull020208.jpgP I N

00303hull020208.jpgP I N

00306hull020208.jpgP I N

(the best first look photo ever – taken by Eliza of Eliza Truit Photography)

00366hull020208.jpgP I N

00374hull020208.jpgP I N

00394hull020208.jpgP I N

00421hull020208.jpgP I N

00543hull020208.jpgP I N

00786hull020208.jpgP I N

00904hull020208.jpgP I N

01000hull020208.jpgP I N

01094hull020208.jpgP I N

01126hull020208.jpgP I N

01337hull020208.jpgP I N

01351hull020208.jpgP I N

01370hull020208.jpgP I N

01397hull020208.jpgP I N

01505hull020208.jpgP I N

01517hull020208.jpgP I N

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