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So – whether you are from out of town or a local here in SeattlePikes Place is a fun place to spend the day! Angela Shen (owner/mastermind of Savor Seattle) thought so too, so she created a super fabulous tour that lasts about two hours and takes you to a few of the hot spots in our favorite market.

On Sunday morning Brooke & I joined the group for some tasty treats and learned so many fun facts…. here are just a few of the many many photos taken that morning. ~ Enjoy!0010hull021708.jpg


We started our tour at Seattle’s Best on 1st & Pike – already off to a fabulous start!! mmmm!


The big group ~ we had people from all over the country with us – so fun! Angela Dewitt commonly referred to as Angela #2 was our guide.


At Market Spice we got to taste some fabulous spices and where to use them. =)



They have the most creative names for their tea!!


Of course we had to visit our famous flying fish boys!! They are so funny and lets us taste some of the greatest smoked fish (from Alaska of course!)



0186hull021708.jpgDid you know the Pig’s name is Rachel?? And she really is a piggy bank?? People put money in her all the time! (you’ll have to go on the tour to find out what the money is used for – I was busy taking photos and not paying attention… hee hee)


Following our fearless leader!


If you are ever in the market and see a cute gal with a pink umbrella – there is a good chance her name is Angela and she is leading a Savor Tour. =)


This was put up for all of the Japanese people who were forced out of the market so long ago… sad.


Did you know the eggplant is in the berry family?? (so true!) and that there are girl & boy eggplants?!?!


Pictured left is Mr. Eggplant and on the right is his lovely bride Mrs. Eggplant. =)


Mmmmm…. tasty treats!! Shots of uber delicious Colombian chocolate from The Confectional mmmmm… (my mouth is watering)


looks like more treats for us – this time cheesecake from the Confectional smothered with cherries from our favorite place – Chukar Cherries.



A long long time ago (thats my language for I wasn’t listening again and you’ll have to go on the tour to find out) the market floor was made of wood – then to raise money to pay for a new floor you could buy a square for $35 and put anything you wanted on it… some people were creative and some people put their names. =)


This was us eating some life altering cheese – at Beecher’s – YUM!! Fellow Cheese lover Jen writes a blog post on entertaining with Cheese Fondue!  Check it out!



This Russian owned Piroshky’s has not only fabulous food but a really sweet story about their opening!!


We learned the TRUTH about the original Starbucks location. =)


And of course we ended the morning with a sweet glass of chardonay at the Tasting Room. Delicious!




We finished up around noon and had the rest of this sunny sunny day to spend at the market. =) Brooke and I spent another two hours going back to all of the places we had just visited to buy full sized portions of all the food we had sampled because it was too good to pass up. (The Mac & Cheese from Beechers really is the best in the world!!)

Being on the Savor tour we were able to get 10-15% off all of our purchases – so cool!

Check out Angela’s website – HERE

She also gives a discount for wedding parties! So for all of you planning a Seattle wedding and have guests coming in from far far away – this would be a great adventure for them!

I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as we did. =)

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