Adam Boesel ~ Total Body Turnaround

Adam is the owner and the greatest personal trainer at Total Body Turnaround – his green microgym in Greenwood. He is located right off of 92nd & Greenwood Ave. Check out his website –

He has come up with a fabulous idea – you’ll have to have him explain the technical part… but basically the gym will be completely self sustaining – it will be powered by the energy you burn!! Such a smart idea!! He had an opening not too long ago and we each took turns riding on the bike to see how much effort it would take to power a laptop.

Each week he offers personal training sessions throughout the day and group sessions in the evenings – we took some photos many weeks ago when the weather was borderline cold instead of freezing like now (I’m so behind in blogging) at three of his outdoor workouts. They are so much fun, if you want to get in shape and lose those pounds this holiday season before you gain them… give him a call! (You’ll see me there!)

There are a lot of photos because this is three shoots combined in one. =)

This workout was the Friday evening Beer Neutral at Kerry Park up in Queen Anne –


This was Thursday evening Hard Core workout at Golden Gardens


Here you’ll see people doing the Wednesday evening workout at Adam’s studio in Greenwood –

30adam.jpg 25adam.jpg58adam.jpg65adam.jpg92adam.jpg113adam.jpg149adam.jpg

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