Bridge Motel – GONE!!

Some thought of it as an eye sore, others a landmark… I just thought it was a great way to let people know they were on the right road to my house! I’ve heard rumors of murders in the motel, ideas of remodeling – all sorts of things, but never saw anything different until a couple of weeks ago. When on my way home late one night there were hundreds of people filling the building – crazy dressed people in the streets (very out of the ordinary for this neighborhood) and loud loud music filling the air. Later I found out the students at the Art Institute of Seattle (my alma mater) put on an art show each room a different theme & many different artists then threw a huge party. The place was decorated inside & out!

Tonia, Kaia & I went for a walk one sunny afternoon & decided to take some photos of the crazily decorated building – good timing too. The very next week (or maybe it was two or three… time flies and I’m bad at timely blogging) it was GONE! Yup – a demolition crew was there breaking the boards apart. Who knows what will be there next. Hopefully some cool space for artists – or another fun little hotel (less scary would be nice.)

Anyways – I’ll let the photos tell the story instead of me…. enjoy!


(freestyle walking with our ipods)



my little mini-me (hee hee) aka photog in training!!


I just found this link that tells the whole story –




Oh – did i mention the firemen showed up to kick in the door while we were there – the pipes were busted and the place was flooding!


then we walked down to the fabulous Troll and jumped around


a little portrait shoot on the waterfront…. too fun!



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