Kate & Mike tied the knot!


January 27th out at Bear Creek Country Club, Kate & Mike were married at sunset… yes, you heard it! A beautiful sunset in the middle of winter. =) Kate was such a sweet bride – tearing up at any mention of her soon to be in laws! The portraits before the ceremony were so fun, lots of running, jumping and as always… laughing!! Take a peek ~






Here is Kate’s story about how they met!

Mike and I met while I was a receptionist in an insurance company.
Mike’s company was doing some upgrades for us and he had to come and
sign in with me every day. I kept some chocolates in the candy dish and
Mike would give me a hard time about them all the time cuz he wanted
actual candy, so one day I went down to the vending machine and got him
some Twizzlers before he got to my office. The same day I did that, he
came in and plopped a huge grocery bag full of Skittles and Starbursts
and Jolly Ranchers on my desk!
It was also right around the time of my 21st birthday, so I was really excited and had a countdown going. A friend encouraged me to type out little “flyers” to hand out about what I had planned that night, but really it was just an excuse to give Mike my phone number! He showed up at the bar that night and we talked ALL night! We went on our first official date two days later and we’ve been together ever since! 🙂
Mike and I watch a lot of movies and LOVE football!! (But of course you knew that, right?!) I actually
hated football until I met Mike cuz he was the only person who took the time to explain the game to me so I knew what the heck was going on!! Mike is also an AMAZING cook and conjures up his own recipes and ideas
and then experiments with me, so I think it’s great!

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