A rain and love-filled destination Mexico wedding!

Let me just start by saying, I LOVE DESTINATION WEDDINGS!!!

It’s a FACT. This time next week we will be ON AN AIRPLANE headed to TULUM Mexico to celebrate our best friends Laurel and David as they tie the knot at their destination wedding! AAAAAAND this time last year we were just getting back from Puerta Vallarta where we helped celebrate the wedding of Carl & Cheyenne, it was INCREDIBLE!!  Like… we’re STILL glowing from it – it’s THAT incredible!  The stories and memories we have – will never fade!  HA! (I’m looking at you Molly!)

Carl & Cheyenne are such dynamic people, I LOVE having them in my life and love being part of their world!! Every time Cheyenne and I would get together to talk timelines or photo ideas or anything about weddings, we would end up CRYING.  ALL of the happy tears!!  Yes, there was champagne involved.  Yes, we would talk about how crazy it is to be planning a wedding and DEFINITELY how lucky we were to be going to Mexico to celebrate.

Destination weddings are a lot of work and a lot of money, it’s hard to make decisions from so far away – where you can’t see, feel and touch everything.  It’s even harder with the language barrier.  What is GREAT about being so far away from home is that once you’re there…. you’re there!  The party will start days in advance.  Guests started arriving 3-4 days before the wedding, getting settled in with quality time in the pool, at the swim up bar.  There is a rehearsal dinner, a pre-party and a lot of time to chill and soak in not only the sun but also the reason you’re there. Love.

Carl & Cheyenne chose The Hard Rock Puerta Vallarta for their wedding, it’s all inclusive with an amazing pool AND located right on the beach!  There were so many great places for photos on the property, I think we were there for six days and never even felt like we wanted to leave!  To say it was magical doesn’t even begin to describe how fun it was!

WAIT – we haven’t even TALKED about the most amazing thing that happened.  It rained!  That sounds fairly standard for Seattle weddings… but we weren’t IN Seattle.  We were in Mexico, and it didn’t just rain.  The sky opened up and it DUMPED buckets on us.  The weather report said rain was in the future – but we didn’t freak out.  We embraced it and honestly – had the BEST time because of it!!  It was perfectly nice for portraits. Lovely for the ceremony on the beach. When cocktail hour started – we could see the dark clouds heading our way and as soon as we sat down for dinner… the skies opened up!

You’ll have to scroll down and check out the final photos to REALLY understand how much fun we had – it was a LOT.  In fact, we might have had ALL of the fun and left none for anyone else.  HA!  SorryNOTSORRY!

Anniversary portraitMariachi band about to serenade the bride and groom!Bridal getting ready portraitsThe groom waiting patiently to see his beautiful bridethe bride headed to the beach to see her groom for the first lookGrandma and Grandpa making out on the beach?! Relationship goals RIGHT here folks! Carl waits for his bride, you can tell he can see her off in the distance. SWEETEST!! Daddy's girl.The first kiss as husband and wife in the wedding ceremony on the beach, Mexico. Wedding ceremony on the beach of Puerta VallartaChampagne and lizards! Perfect Mexican wedding details.Beach time portraits for the couples in the wedding party!If it rains, we get wet! But We ALWAYS HAVE FUN!!!! This was a wedding we will NEVER FORGET!Embracing the rain on a wedding day!We danced in the rain!Craziest flower girl in a rain storm of an outdoor wedding. It was perfection!It was raining so hard we figured we should hop in the pool and make this wedding one to remember!! We changed into dry clothes after the rain and we DANCED!!CHEERS BITCHES!!A tear filled speech by the groom?!?! YES PLEASE!Mama is really excited about this bouquet toss!! Chris caught the garter and just a few short months later proposed!! rainy day ring photo by Barbie Hull Photography, Ring design by Mary Doud


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