Last Tuesday was an amazing day. I feel so very lucky to have been asked to document this important day for them!  Michael & Michael met FORTY years ago and amazingly have been together every day since!! They’ve worked together, lived together, traveled together and still after all of this time – still LOVE and miss each other when they are apart!! So, I’m going to say it… I’m sure you agree that FINALLY these two handsome, loyal and wonderful men are now MARRIED!!  They shared their day with their best friends Whitney & Heidi as their witneeses & Michael as their officiant – they shared some intimate vows (that made all of us cry!) in the middle of their living room surrounded by all of their favorite things, items they have collected together over the years.  It was wonderful and magical and I just want to say Thank You so much to my good friend Whitney for being so kind and considerate to invite me in to witness and document the few minutes that changed the world of these good people!  Forever Love!!

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Eleven years and three kids later here we are once again at the beautiful Volunteer Park with the King Family!!  My mind is blown each and every time I think about it, ELEVEN YEARS ago – Mary, Stephen and I were here snapping photos dancing around this very same dahlia garden at their wedding!! Now they have three beautiful children, a gorgeous home just down the street and are enjoying every minute of it!  I have loved being a part of and watching them grow their family, Mary & I even got a little teary eyed thinking about Jordana’s wedding… oh jeeze!  Life is fast, crazy and awesome, hanging out with these people yesterday just really reminded me of that!!  I love you crazy King’s!!  Thanks for keeping me around – AND stay tuned for the STERN family portraits next week… best friends of these Kings and married TWELVE YEARS AGO!! Insanity!

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That’s right, you heard it here first… or if you follow my IG or FB posts, you heard it there last week.  :0)  Last week, on a Thursday at Gasworks park Batman married Little Red Riding Hood!

Ray & Olga what a fun wedding you had – so unique and I just can’t say it enough SUCH A FUN WEDDING!!  Thank you for inviting me to document such an amazing day!


I couldn’t just let a costume wedding go by without me joining in on the fun! Here is a group shot of all of us (I don’t normally join in on family photos, but I couldn’t resist!!)

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I started seeing Talia & James (those crazy kids!) at weddings several years ago – first at the Arctic Club as greeters (I think that was the first one right?!) then at Sodo Park (or was it the other way around) and last summer I don’t remember, where were we? -Anyway, they are REALLY great guests but lets be honest here – they make an even BETTER BRIDE AND GROOM!!  We had so much fun – from the moment I showed up at the apartment and Talia was looking fabulous as always we immediately started dubsmashing, laughing, eating cookies – honestly it was more like I was hanging out with friends instead of working.  I know Laura and the boys had just as much fun – one because they bragged and said they had more fun than the girls (doubt it, pretty much impossible) but I also saw all of the photos and they really did have a good time!!  Just scroll down and see!  :0)

The boys and Laura disappeared for a bit and we were all wondering what they were doing.  Ah- being ridiculous, haha! Should’ve guessed! 

SO many favorites of this day – but one of the favorites was when we stopped in at The Sloop (Ballard’s fanciest tavern) to have a beer and play a little Big Buck Hunter – you know, because why not?


Talia & James did a great job planning everything just the way they wanted, hiring all of the funnest vendors, here is a list of the crew that worked together to help give these two lovebirds a day they will never forget!

Ceremony – Parson’s Gardens // Officiant – Sheridan Gray // Reception Venue – Ray’s Boathouse – The Northwest Room //Florist – Pike Place (ceremony arrangements) & Ballard Blossom (Bouquet) // Dress – Preowned // Ring – Joel’s Fine Jewelry (hers) LT Denny (his) // Ceremony Music – Kyle Curnutt // DJ – Braden Landon // Suit – Custom by Rajawongse Clothier by Jesse & Victor // Desserts – Fresh Flours (OHMANSOGOOD!) Hair – Amber with Off White Makeup & Hair // Makeup – Kaylee Moore // Photography –  Barbie Hull Photography & Laura Marchbanks Photography #TeamLaurbie

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  • Laura - I LOVED THIS DAY!!!!!!!!!! You’re amazing Barbie Hull!ReplyCancel

    • Barbie - LAURA!! I love any day we get to spend together!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!!ReplyCancel

The last few Fridays I have been working on a different type of shoot – and it has been more than interesting!  Laurel and I have been getting up at the BCD (thanks Laurel, I know how much you love the early mornings!) to meet up with Mac at Pacific Industrial Supply store down in South Park so we can photograph the warehouse & store along with some of the products they carry, oh – and of course since we are there we might as well get some of the guys in action! The last three weeks we have learned more about tools than we will EVER need or want to know – marine vs timber style of rope ties or was it called rigging?? Who knows – this made me think of when guys ask why we need 10 pairs of black shoes it seems so obvious how different each pair is – but WHY do they need 10 styles of rope, it all makes sense now. :0)  Pacific Industrial is building a new website and they needed some dynamo images to help show people who order online what they will be getting – or picking up, plus it is a really cool space that not many people get to see!

It had to be entertaining for the guys to watch us try and figure out what direction was up, we put things into categories of shiny, hookey, heavy, greasy, floaty – you know, so we could easily remember what we had photographed! Here are a few of the million images we snapped the last few weeks.  Enjoy!

We had SO much fun working on this project – it is always a challenge doing something new and different but one of my favorite things about being a photographer is that every day is a little different – yet every day we still have our ridiculous senses of humor, so here are some funny ones of us in the GARBAGE CANS!  HA!  ** Note – we did not drive the fork lift, even though we WANTED to we just posed for photos because of some silly safety rules**

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