I’ve always been a Gin & Tonic type of girl, I love a delicious craft beer most any day of the week, oh offer me a dirty martini?? – You won’t hear me say no – but I have never really enjoyed the taste of whiskey… until now, I just can’t get enough!!  Seattle Met Magazine asked me to photograph 12 (ridiculously good-looking) bartenders at 12 of Seattle’s finest establishments mixing a drink that they have created (and named) for their Angel’s Envy contest, then they will be featured in each month of Seattle Met Magazine – and sorry guys… I can’t remember what the prize was, or if there was one!!

Anyway – back to the story on how I now love Whiskey!!  I don’t even know what the turning point was – but tasting each of these DELICIOUS drinks has turned me into a whiskey craving lady!!  In fact… it’s happy hour somewhere, I just might need a glass right now to finish this blog post!!

This was SUCH a fun project to work on, I LOVED working with Sonny of Seattle Met and George with the Hideout and Angel’s Envy (new best friends, YAAY!).

Many of the bars/bartenders here were photographed in these fancy bars -

The Hideout // Roux // The Miller’s Guild // Barrio // Bitterroot // Kicken Boot // E.Smith Mercantile // Metropolitan Grill // Revel // Quoin // Spur Gastropub

After each shoot we would take a group selfie… which after reviewing these images was a GREAT reminder to brush my hair before leaving the house.  haha!! This was maybe the ONLY image suitable for public viewing.  ;0)  Thanks Sonny & George for the funnest starts to many of our weekdays this summer!!  


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The lovely ladies of Sage Wedding Pros were in town last week and I was SO excited to attend The 2015 Simple Plan!   For me, this was a 5 year refresher and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  It is so easy when you run your own business to put your head down and get stuck in the rut of day-to-day activities, the tasks that need to be completed and forget to look up at the big picture.  Good questions we were asked, what are your goals? What are you going to do to reach your goals? What does your brand say? Does it match your message? Are you living your brand?  Oh my gosh… then the financials – wowza. I can’t even begin to sum up everything we learned about this, we worked through all of this and more as a group and it was amazing – if you want to know more, you will just have to attend the Be Sage Conference that is coming up in November.  I know many people from Seattle will be attending!

Below are a few photos I snapped during our two days together, I am so happy to have attended this workshop and am feeling so very inspired to get started making changes!

The workshop was held at Kaspars event space in Queen Anne – they provided us with coffee, treats and delicious lunches every day!! THANK YOU!!!


Here is a group photo of all of us – I like that Greg Lowder was the lone guy this year!!  A brave man who helped out with the audio/visual presentation. ;0)  It was so great to spend time with and get to know so many of these wonderful people in our crazy wedding industry! 


Judy from Fena flowers – provided gorgeous floral arrangements for our tables, that we all fought over who got to take them home!   

Day two… things got a bit silly.  ;0) Sheena – the silliest!!  

Day two – marketing strategy…. this was AWESOME!!  They used Laurel & me as a sample of a fun way to use social media promotion!! This was our Tina Fey / Amy Poehler look alike evening.  haha!!  




If you are thinking of starting a new business, or have been in business for 20 years – this workshop is a great way to have a fresh outlook on your business, your marketing and your financial situation!!  Easy Peasy Business Planning!!

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January 17th – the fact that this Seattle day was filled with an amazing rain storm didn’t matter one bit, (that’s right, we love the rain too!) because Mary & Matthew were celebrating their wedding at the Fremont Foundry!!  It was filled with blue and glittery gold decor, so many twinkle lights, GOBS of delicious treats from City Catering.  Laurel & I had the MOST fun singing and dancing the day away with Mary, Mathew and all of their really fun friends!

Mary & Matthew’s Wedding Team

Venue // Fremont Foundry

Hotel // Seattle Marriott

Hair/Makeup // Off White Makeup & Hair

Photography // Barbie Hull Photography

Dress // Cicada Bridal

Florist // JNJ Floral

Planner // Champagne & Blooms

DJ // THE Bruce Pavitt

Caterer // City Catering

Cake // Hoffmans

Officiant // Mark Smith (great friend!)


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My face hurt after spending two hours with these two hysterical love birds!! We laughed and told so many stories of travel, & college shenanigans yesterday during James & Talia’s engagement session.  After editing these photos I find myself STILL smiling!!  I can’t wait for May to help celebrate and meet their people!

I will have to say that my favorite part of our morning was maybe that they are as (or even MORE) addicted to Lighthouse Coffee, or that they have the travel bug and play games to get themselves around the world in 80 days, or maybe it was that I got to drive their speedy little car around town!   You two are the funnest and I am SO glad you picked me to photograph your wedding!!


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  • Talia - These turned out so well!! We are stoked to see the rest. – Talia & JamesReplyCancel

December 21st was a beautiful day here in Seattle, with a lot of extra love at Willows Lodge!! Jen & her long time sweetie Jeff were getting ready to be married – when we arrived there was a lot of nervous laughter and excitement as all of the details and people came together.  They each invited a close friend to witness their vows as Annemarie Juhlian performed the personal and so very sweet ceremony in the garden behind the lodge.  Thank you Jen & Jeff for inviting Nicholle and I to be a part of your special day!


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