Let me introduce you to the Banducci family, one of my favorites!! Travis suggested we take their family photos under the bridge and this location is spectacular, dontcha think?!  When you add the coolest family all dolled up + a neat location makes for some really fun family portraits. We laughed far too much during this session, and I’m pretty sure I smiled the entire time while editing them too!   I hope you guys like them as much as I do!  :)

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Last night was the EPIC Nerds vs Geeks party put on by our favorite City Catering Company & Shindig Events, featuring ALL of the cool electronics at the Living Computer Museum (They all work too!!) We were playing all of the fun games and eating ALL of the good food!  There was a super cool ROBOT PHOTO BOOTH (WHAT?!) and of course I snapped at least a billion images, but will just share a few of the good ones.  :) If you are considering having an event – I would totally suggest this space – there is a big open area on the first floor and the 2nd floor with all of the neatest electronics of the last 30 years



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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to Mrs.Hettinger’s 4th grade class at the Mark Twain Elementary School during career week with the energy and excitement of these 4th graders – it was SO much fun I had to snap a few photos!!

Here is a link to the slideshow I showed highlighting a few images from recent weddings :: LINK

The actual presentation part was only about 5 minutes – but it was followed up by some amazing questions by these little smarties! My favorite part of this was the excitement and the questions from the kids – I talked about when I started my business (2001) and where I went to school (The Art Institute) what I focus on photographing (people).  They asked questions like – if I were to start over and do it again, what would I do differently (go to business school on top of art school), Are there other specialties of photography besides photographing people? (heck yes! Commercial, Editorial, Landscape, Fashion, Architecure – SO many!) Do I get to travel for work? (for SURE! A great perk of the job!) What advice I would have for people wanting to start in this profession? (Go to college! Learn as much as you can, work hard and be kind to everyone you meet!)




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I’ve always been a Gin & Tonic type of girl, I love a delicious craft beer most any day of the week, oh offer me a dirty martini?? – You won’t hear me say no – but I have never really enjoyed the taste of whiskey… until now, I just can’t get enough!!  Seattle Met Magazine asked me to photograph 12 (ridiculously good-looking) bartenders at 12 of Seattle’s finest establishments mixing a drink that they have created (and named) for their Angel’s Envy contest, then they will be featured in each month of Seattle Met Magazine – and sorry guys… I can’t remember what the prize was, or if there was one!!

Anyway – back to the story on how I now love Whiskey!!  I don’t even know what the turning point was – but tasting each of these DELICIOUS drinks has turned me into a whiskey craving lady!!  In fact… it’s happy hour somewhere, I just might need a glass right now to finish this blog post!!

This was SUCH a fun project to work on, I LOVED working with Sonny of Seattle Met and George with the Hideout and Angel’s Envy (new best friends, YAAY!).

Many of the bars/bartenders here were photographed in these fancy bars -

The Hideout // Roux // The Miller’s Guild // Barrio // Bitterroot // Kicken Boot // E.Smith Mercantile // Metropolitan Grill // Revel // Quoin // Spur Gastropub

After each shoot we would take a group selfie… which after reviewing these images was a GREAT reminder to brush my hair before leaving the house.  haha!! This was maybe the ONLY image suitable for public viewing.  ;0)  Thanks Sonny & George for the funnest starts to many of our weekdays this summer!!  


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